WeOwn to partner with Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein

Together, we will engage the next generation of investors

WeOwn and Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein AG – part of the Mason Group (Hong Kong) – have formally agreed a close working relationship and partnership, to further the adoption of new financial services technology.

Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein AG is digitising and expanding its FinTech banking services locally, using cutting-edge technology to offer existing products and services to customers in Europe and Asia. As experts in blockchain-based securities offerings, WeOwn will support Mason Privatbank with strategic innovations and new products and services in this space.

Engaging the next generation of investors

WeOwn and Mason Privatbank will jointly utilise the FAST Platform to enable private capital raising and equity servicing, using WeOwn’s security token offering (STO) technology. Our FAST Platform accelerates business growth by enabling companies to launch fundraising offers online, engaging the next generation of digitally driven investors that are attracted to the security, speed and affordability that blockchain technology offers.

As part of the relationship, WeOwn will integrate our entire securities services into Mason Privatbank, allowing direct and banking-grade fiat and crypto interfaces, offering depository and custodian services for its legally compliant STOs (hot and cold storage), and enabling companies and investors using WeOwn’s platform to access core banking products.

Discussing the new partnership, our CEO & Co-Founder, Sascha Ragtschaa, said: “as a global leader in the blockchain investment and securities space, we’re well positioned to provide Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein AG with an entire new portfolio of securities products and services. We’re delighted to be working with such a well-respected institution, who can benefit from our vast experience managing large scale registry solutions, along with out securities technology and blockchain industry expertise.

“As part of the relationship, WeOwn will continue to provide strategic recommendations that enhance the banking services within the Mason Group, allowing for product innovation and efficiency improvements across Europe and Asia.”

Collaborating with a global powerhouse

As Mason Group is a powerhouse across both health and wealth management solutions globally, we’re excited about the possibilities and opportunities these additional services and products can bring to existing and new customers.

Hubert Büchel, CMO at Mason PrivatBank Liechtenstein AG, added: “We’re looking forward to working with the team at WeOwn to explore potential developments involving blockchain technologies. We’re fortunate to be collaborating with a company that has both expertise and a strong network of contacts in this area, and we hope to add a new strategic field for the bank, casting a wider global network of investment and business opportunities.”

Find out more about launching investment offers through our FAST Platform, or visit the Mason Privatbank website to explore our new partner.