A purpose-built platform for business finance

True game-changers approach things differently. Rather than adapting existing technology, WeOwn has created a new finance system from the ground up, through our in-house lab.

Everything we develop is purpose-built, to ensure our marketplace is agile, scalable and reliable for connecting companies and investors. And we’ve recruited a highly talented technology team to work on new features and services, constantly adding value.

The benefits of developing technology in-house

End-to-end financial services

The WeOwn marketplace is an all-in-one platform for business fundraising. We have created the entire deal flow, servicing and tokenization infrastructure to manage all aspects of raising capital – from onboarding and registration, to payments and compliance.

Multiple integration points

Flexibility is key to our approach. The marketplace is built on our own public blockchain, enabling direct engineering and integration via SDKs. We also offer a number of licensing and service models, including fully managed services.

Open to new features

We have a number of open source models available, so community engineers can build on our standard marketplace features, as well as our in-house team. To support this, we have SDKs and APIs available to support the integration of new services.

Easily customisable

Because everything is developed and managed in-house, our marketplace can be white-labelled or customised for individual company needs – from changing the branding, to adding bespoke products and services.

The WeOwn blockchain

The WeOwn marketplace is built on our own hybrid blockchain, capable of safely storing both public and private data, and incorporating cryptographic technology.

Our blockchain is tailored to the needs of financial services transactions, including an advanced delegated proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which enables fast validations.

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5 reasons why we developed our own native blockchain

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The WeOwn community

WeOwn has a strong community of forward-thinkers, who want to be part of our innovative approach to financial services.

If you’d like to get involved, follow our social media channels – our github repository is a great source of information on SDKs and our blockchain.

You can also sign up to our digital wallet and blockchain explorer, to track the latest transactions: