Project Crowd chooses WeOwn to launch digital public offering

Get equity in Prowd, the AI recruitment platform

Project Crowd, an AI recruitment platform, has selected WeOwn to launch its Security Token Offering (STO), giving entry-level investors an opportunity to back the fast-growing recruitment technology company.

Project Crowd is making waves in the employment sector through its next generation freelance recruitment platform, Prowd. The platform uses an automated AI matching engine to connect employers and freelancers, recording data on the blockchain to eliminate fraud and speed up the onboarding and payment process.

WeOwn CEO, Sascha Ragtschaa, commented: “Times have changed since IPOs were first introduced, and the reality is that the process simply doesn’t suit either modern companies or modern investors. Only 25 companies have floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2019, and with high-profile failures like Uber, Lyft and WeWork, it’s no wonder companies are turning to private fundraising models instead.

“Platforms like WeOwn democratise the investment process, giving everyday people an affordable opportunity to back dynamic, rapidly scaling brands like Project Crowd through an intuitive, user-friendly process. There’s none of the complexity, confusion and red tape associated with traditional stock exchanges.”

Kathrin Hauck, CEO & Co-Founder of Project Crowd, adds: “We chose WeOwn as our fundraising partner due to the companies’ shared vision of blockchain’s innovative potential in the fintech market. The Prowd platform we are developing leverages both blockchain and AI to drive a fundamental industry-wide shift, much like the way WeOwn has approached traditional equity markets. We are genuinely pleased to join WeOwn as we open our public sale.”

After launching a private fundraising round through the WeOwn platform in September, Project Crowd is now open to public investment, with a minimum investment of 200 Swiss Francs. 

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