The Own blockchain

Purpose-built for the financial services industry

Secure technology, designed for asset trading

When we founded Own, it quickly became clear that we couldn’t achieve our vision with someone else’s technology. That’s why we built our own blockchain for the financial services industry.

Our infrastructure is specifically designed for the equity market, enabling market operators and businesses to run your trading, ownership movement, corporate actions, voting splits and dividend payments through a single, secure ecosystem.

How our blockchain works

Own has created a world-first; a dual blockchain comprising public and private equity data.

Our private blockchain stores sensitive data on a separate network to public data, with oracles that enable communication between the networks. This adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that transaction performance won’t become compromised as our investor network grows.

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The benefits of using our Own blockchain

  • Quick transactions – no competing for resources with companies from other sectors.
  • Ready for innovation – designed to develop new financial products and services.
  • Highly scalable – rapid development potential and limitless room for growth. 
  • Cost controlled – Own’s currency isn’t influenced by general market fluctuations.
  • Incredibly secure – sensitive business data is stored on a separate private network.
  • Open source – talented developers can build on our public blockchain.



Our blockchain in action

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