Sascha Ragtschaa

CEO & Co-Founder

Sascha, our CEO & Co-Founder, started Software Engineering at the age of 16 and worked for a number of web technology start-ups during the initial stages of his career. Working in streaming and multimedia technologies initially in 2000 (Kirch New Media, Munich) he branched out into data analytics and financial services, working as a Lead Engineer on multiple projects and business lines around the world: employee share plans, share registry, annual general meetings and events, shareholder communication and mortgage servicing to name a few. Over the past 17 years, he has worked for the largest global share registry and transfer agency provider in the world and held various technology leadership roles in Europe, Australia and North America. In his most recent function, he was the Chief Information Officer for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, managing 421 staff across multiple locations and countries, covering the end-to-end technology delivery and servicing lifecycle of a global organization. He is now developing and deploying these capabilities in the new era of decentralized financial services applications, creating a business with the best engineers in the industry.


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