Ermin Dzinic

CTO & Co-Founder


Ermin is a technically sophisticated engineering professional with broad experience in business intelligence, data analytics, software development methodologies and strong expertise in database systems. Ermin started his career in 1998 in the finance and banking sector, developing and supporting banking systems in Bosnia. In 2001 he moved to a Munich start-up company, working on the development of various CRM systems with a focus on shareholder relationship management and data analytics. In his next role at the largest global share registry and transfer agency in the world, Ermin led various software development teams with a focus on data warehousing and web development. In his most recent position, he was in charge of a regional (EMA) data analytics unit with a focus on gathering and analysing data about market trends and business opportunities to maximise efficiency and revenues, using data mining and machine learning to evaluate past trends and predict future events. Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and IT Technology, SCRUM Master, Certified Oracle Professional and Associate coupled with the completion of relevant Management and Technical Education. Multilingual proficiency in Bosnian, English, German and Spanish.


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