My Own app

Share management on the move

Putting investors in touch with opportunities

For investors craving a more transparent, involved relationship with the companies you hold shares in, Own is changing the way you can manage investments – at the swipe of a screen.

My Own is a user-friendly smartphone app that gives investors the capacity to monitor investments on-the-move. Engage in corporate actions through our application and vote quickly and securely on the latest company resolutions; all results are uploaded to the blockchain, to ensure they’re immutable.

Ultimately, as we continue to develop My Own, it will enable investors to participate in equity and token offers through a single tool, and trade shares without needing a separate banking, trading account or brokerage.

Connecting companies and investors

My Own is the perfect tool for managing investments:

  • Update details of your shareholding including your name and contact details.  
  • View your share certificate and transaction history – including the number of shares you currently hold and the price per share.
  • Vote on the latest company issues without having to attend face-to-face meetings. 
  • Get company updates sent automatically to your smartphone. 
  • Access your digital currency wallet to check your current balance.
  • Look up company information including key people and contact details.  
  • Log-in securely with password entry and biometric fingerprint protection. 

How to get started  

We’ve asked all the companies using our ecosystem to send their investors a confirmation code. To get started, simply download the application from Google Play or the Apple App Store and enter that code.


Haven’t been sent a code? Just ask the company to sign up to our investment platform and we’ll happily register them - our DSR is free to use.




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