Blockchain Services

Your vision, our solution

White-label our tokenized financial assets

There are thousands of financial services solutions on the market, but how many of them match your company needs?

Rather than making your business fit our software, Own will white-label our equity ecosystem with your branding and customise its functions to your exact requirements. In essence, you outline your vision and we’ll create the solution.

Whether you’re looking for growth, greater authority or something else, we’ll develop the technology that gets you closer to your goal – and enables you to generate more money as a result.

The unique advantage of building our Own blockchain  

We can offer this flexibility because our ecosystem is built on a bespoke blockchain. Explore our blockchain wallet here

Unique to Own, our blockchain has been designed for the specific needs of the equity market. Everything we develop makes it easier for you to trade assets and manage investors, whilst creating an environment that will be familiar to your customers.



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