Raise your stake in the
digital investment revolution

Bring new, sustainable products to your customers

Your route into digital investment

Digital investment is a billion-dollar market - and we're your route in.

Own empowers enterprises to grow customer value using digital asset management technology, white-labelled to your brand.

Through our FAST Platform, your clients will make more money, find ambitious young investors and nurture their value for life.


Offer fresh new features

  • Quick, simple investment options
  • Digital tools for eco & tech-savvy investors
  • Affordable offers with fractional shares

Increase customer value

  • Create digital communications
  • Dynamically analyse your customer base
  • Identify segmented marketing targets

Your vision, our solution

While off-the-shelf software works for smaller organisations, large corporations have specific goals.

Give us your business vision and we’ll add new, tailored features to our FAST Platform, to maximise its value to your enterprise.