Security tokenization applications

A ready-made start-point for ambitious developers

The security tokenization movement will go stratospheric in the next five years, but we can’t change the finance industry by ourselves.

That’s why Own’s blockchain is open source - so talented developers can build new products and services for the equity market with relative ease.

Instead of having to programme your own blockchain you can plug into ours, using APIs to integrate your current systems or develop new applications. It’s the simplest way to harness new technology, without having to manage blockchain intricacies yourself.  

By creating a network that other companies can use, we’ve made it much easier for developers to innovate within existing businesses, and for technology start-ups to get ahead of the competition.


External system integration

To create a developer-friendly interface, we’ve added a set of RESTful API endpoints between the blockchain nodes and applications accessing our network. We also provide libraries for easy integration with the most common development platforms, including .NET, Java, Go and Python.

Our aim is to make sure that submitting a transaction to our blockchain does not require a quantum physics degree! All you need to do is invoke an HTTP request or use a library on any given project.

To learn more about external system integration download our technical whitepaper.



The Own blockchain

This development potential is only possible because we’ve built our own unique blockchain, specific to the needs of the financial services industry. Discover more about our world-first approach: