Let’s lower the entry level for new, young investors

The most popular ways for raising capital are complicated, slow and expensive

The business community has got a problem. Current methods for raising capital are slow, complex and expensive – and it’s putting off new investors.  

Right now, only a small proportion of the population are investing in the stock market or private placements. And these people tend to be older, well-established, with a lot of disposable income.   

But what about up-and-coming investors, like you?

Sure, you probably have less to spend than someone who’s been around the block a few times, but that doesn’t matter. Smart businesses understand that success lies in finding investors who will become customers and vice versa.  

It’s better for companies to attract more shareholders with a smaller stake, if those investors will actually buy their products or use their services.   

Waking up to the new investor’s needs  

Ensuring your investors and customers are one and the same makes total sense, but very few companies are doing this right now. Why? Because the investment methods they are using simply aren’t affordable or appealing to people like you.  

Anyone aged under 35 has grown up in a digitally connected world, where the answer to any question is just one Google search away. The most popular ways for raising capital are poles apart from this quick and easy interaction – they are complicated, slow and expensive. 

The burden of finding better access to investment shouldn’t lie with you; it’s the responsibility of the business community. And forward-thinking companies are already on the case…   

The consequence? Crowdfunding  

In the past few years we’ve seen a business backlash against expensive, unfriendly ways to raise capital. Many emerging brands have turned to the web for a better way of doing things; the rapid growth of crowdfunding has been the result.

The investment world is crying out for a model that takes the democratic approach of crowdfunding, but which provides greater security, structure and support. Something that’s focused on long-term growth and profitability. And that’s where we come in.  

Own: investment for the digital generation  

Own is pioneering a brand-new way for businesses and investors to make money online and build relationships for life. We’ve launched a digital investment platform, which uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to make the processes of launching new offers quicker, simpler and cheaper.  

If you’re a young investor, or you’re new to the investment party, there are some important things you should know about our approach.  

Firstly, our platform enables businesses to digitise their investments. This means they can offer fractional assets in many regions – so you don’t have to find the budget for a full share if you can’t afford it. As a result, the entry level is much lower, and it’s lower-risk too; you can test the water without having to commit huge budgets.  

Secondly, we prioritise your happiness. The way our technology is structured ensures both your funds and your personal data are securely stored, and we’ve created a user-friendly online portal for you to log in and browse relevant investment offers.  

Thirdly, we want to keep you involved! Too many fundraising models are set up for businesses to take your money, without giving you the chance to engage with your investment.  

Own is different; we understand that while affordability and access is important to get Millennials investing, you care about the companies you’re backing – so partnership-building tools matter too.  

You can download our investor app to check the performance of your portfolio at any time. You can also use our app or online investor portal to participate in digital voting polls to have your say on important company decisions.  

Let’s get this party started…  

The bottom line is, any company owner that ignores Millennial investors is being very short sighted. You aren’t just the future fundraisers; you are the rising earners banging on their door today, wanting to get a piece of the action. And it’s only the expensive, outdated methods that brands are choosing to generate capital that are keeping the two of you apart.  

Own is giving companies a new way to raise funds, which cuts out the complexity to create a faster, cheaper route to investment. It’s designed for the digital world you’ve grown up in, and offers a much more affordable, interactive way for you to build an investment portfolio. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up to our platform for free to check out the latest investment offers.