Invest in SMEs simply, quickly and directly

WeOwn’s digital marketplace connects you to fast-growing companies

By the time a business goes public, its quickest growth phase is over. WeOwn offers investors a unique opportunity to back SMEs that are ripe for expansion, either through peer-to-peer loans or taking equity in their business. The whole process takes place online, direct with investors – it’s quick, paperless, and middlemen don’t take their share of the profits.

Attractive returns with high risk diversification

Access to a new, cash flow-oriented risk class in the lending market

Independent, unbiased SME credit ratings in-line with general rating practices

Impact investment with economic significance

No correlation with the liquid capital markets

Enhanced compliance features via smart contracts


Choose from equity and private debt investment or peer-to-peer loans. Flexible budgets, determine your own risk-adjusted interest rate for loan agreements.


We’ve removed the middlemen who take a cut of your profit. Buy and sell on your own schedule, and exit at any time through our secondary market.


Manage your portfolio online for a paperless approach to investing, including direct updates from the companies you’re backing.

How to invest through WeOwn

  • 1.

    Register for free

    Create your online profile in minutes

  • 2.

    Browse live offers

    View loans or equity/private debt raises

  • 3.

    Choose who to back

    Decide your risk-adjusted interest rate

  • 4.

    Transfer funds

    WeOwn takes care of all the admin

Fuss-free finance agreements

By investing through our platform, WeOwn takes care of the admin. We’ll manage all logistics and compliance, including:
  • KYC/AML checking all SME applications
  • Independent credit assessments and ongoing monitoring
  • Creating smart contracts for your investment agreements
  • Managing payments through regulated service providers
  • Securely storing data using our purpose-built blockchain
  • Instant reporting on your portfolio – log on to your personal online dashboard at any time
  • Option to sell loan or shares via our 24/7 secondary market

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