Introducing MyOwn investor app

The smart way to manage your portfolio

One of the biggest problems with the current equities market is giving investors more say in company decision-making processes.  

We’re solving this challenge by launching MyOwn, a new smartphone apps that puts investors in touch with their portfolio at the swipe of a screen.

Introducing MyOwn 

MyOwn is a user-friendly smartphone app – available on both Android and iPhone – that gives investors the capacity to cast digital votes and monitor your investments on-the-move. 

This is the first step in our journey to create a single tool for investors to participate in equity and token offers, even trade shares, without needing to go through a separate brokerage, banking or trading account.

Every investor is given a secure log-in to the MyOwn app, through which they can manage every aspect of their shareholding, including:

  • Checking and updating personal details, such as name and contact address
  • Accessing their CHX balance
  • Monitoring price movements and activities surrounding shareholdings through simple trading and reporting analytics

This means that investors always have the latest information on their holding and can change important information independently – such as updating their address – without having to fill out long-winded paperwork or waiting for someone else to make changes on their behalf.

Getting more involved in company decision-making

MyOwn includes an instant voting system for investors to cast their opinions on the latest board resolutions. Businesses can conduct voting online and store results on the blockchain, which is immutable and tamper-proof. Not only that, digitising the voting set-up saves time compared to conducting communications via email, letters or face-to-face meetings.

From an investor perspective, shareholders are instantly notified when a new vote goes live, and the voting process is simple, fast and secure. All corporate activities can be conducted through the app, so there is no need for any other accounts or forms of communication.

These voting features are just the beginning for MyOwn; our plan is to ensure everything can be done through the app, from issuance to servicing and trading of shares, and we plan to enable crypto payments through the application as we roll out more payment services.

How to get started

To start using MyOwn, companies using our free Decentralised Stakeholder Register can send invitation codes to their investors via email. If a company is still using offline programmes like Excel or Word to manage their share registers, we recommend they migrate to the DSR and we will provide them with a MyOwn invitation to share with their investors when they sign up.

Once they’ve received an invitation code, investors can download the MyOwn app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Multiple companies can be added to the app, making it easy for investors to manage all your holdings in one place.