How we built our brand voice

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What would The Shawshank Redemption be like without Morgan Freeman’s opening monologue? Would Mark Ronson have had an international mega hit with Valerie if someone other than Amy Winehouse had sung it?  

The right voice makes all the difference.  

It’s the same whether you’re producing films, making music, or launching a new brand. You need that magic mix of creative vision and unique viewpoint to make sure people say hey, I know exactly who that is. And that’s what WeOwn’s marketing and design team have been working tirelessly in the background to achieve over the past 18 months.  

Creating WeOwn’s brand personality  

One of WeOwn’s biggest USPs is our team. We’re a dynamic, ambitious bunch, full of energy and fresh ideas. So that needed to come across in the way we represented ourselves in public.   

To make this possible, we developed four statements to represent our brand personality – and then looked at how we could translate this into content and design.  

We’re positive and upbeat 

Being a young brand, we’re all of the fail-fast, learn something and move forward mentality, and this is reflected in our brand.  

The language we use is designed to empower companies and investors; we’re about proving why we’re the best option, not why other fundraising methods are worse than ours.  

We wanted our visual identity to feel upbeat as well, so we’ve chosen vibrant colours, and recently moved to white backgrounds in order to lift the mood across our artwork. 

Just because our team lives and breathes digital investment, doesn’t mean everyone else does – but that doesn’t make our products and services any less beneficial to them.  

Operating in the investment space, we’re always going to be dealing with complex concepts and language. But we like to break everything down into business terms, to show the end value we deliver, rather than trying to blind people with science.  

We’ve also tried to reflect this in our designs, keeping it simple where possible. Over-engineering the look could so easily distract from our content’s message. 

WeOwn is made up of graduates, parents, avid sports fans and music lovers. We love what we do for a living, but we love the rest of our lives – and we understand that our community does too.  

Human interaction is so important to our aesthetic that we’ve developed a series of characters to represent the sort of people who use our FAST Platform. You’ll notice them around the site, and we do our best to reflect their values and opinions in the content we create. 

Life’s too short to be serious all the time! But we also know we’re a financial services company – so we can’t afford to be too flippant.  

Take a look around our website and you’ll see a few quirky little design touches. The sports car and the alien are the biggest hits so far! We also like to have a light touch when we’re discussing industry issues, especially if we’re talking about our investor platform.

We’re a group of natural non-conformists at WeOwn – that’s why we’re able to create investment technology that offers something different to the rest of the market – but we knew we needed to document our personality somehow. 

That’s why we’ve recently launched a set of brand guidelines and tone of voice guidelines, which are now available for free if you download our press kit.  

These are by no means strict guidelines for creative collaborators; we want people’s skills and expertise to shine through. However, they provide the framework for making sure that everything we develop is clearly part of Team WeOwn. This way, people know the thing they are looking at or reading is authentically ‘us’.  

Feel free to steal our guidelines as a template for your own business – we’ve made them public for that reason, and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery – and keep an eye out for more insights on our brand coming soon.  

Get your copy of WeOwn’s brand and TOV guidelines.