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Frequently asked questions

What does Own do?  

We connect high growth businesses and ambitious investors, so you can make money.

How? We’ve developed an investment platform, run on a bespoke blockchain, that digitises assets - to make fundraising easy, quick and cost effective.

For companies, we take care of the complete fundraising lifecycle, from issuance to investor management.

For investors, we give you affordable access to high growth brands that are going places. 

And our platform features all the tools you'll need to manage investments for life. Sounds good, right?!

How does your digital investment platform work?  

Our technology enables businesses to create digital ‘tokens’, which investors can then purchase. Companies can digitise previously unbreakable assets, which can then be traded through our platform.

Because these assets are digital, investors can choose to purchase a fraction of a token to fit their budget, which makes investing really affordable.

Every company or investor that registers for our platform is given a unique login, which takes you to a dashboard, where you can create or invest in offers. You will also gain access to all our management and engagement tools, to channel all communications and activities through a single, online portal.

The digital platform itself is built on our bespoke blockchain, which ensures that all our transactions are secure, quick and reliable. It also enables us to be highly scalable, so that quality of service is never compromised as more people start using us to fundraise.

What makes you different to other fundraising models?

Own is pioneering new technology in the digital investment market, a rapidly-growing business opportunity that will be worth $2.67 billion by 2023.  

We cut out all unnecessary middlemen to enable direct company/investor relationships, making us more affordable and accessible than traditional fundraising methods such as IPOs.  

Our use of blockchain and token technology also means we offer greater legislation and regulatory backing than entry-level fundraising platforms like crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. 

We’re different to other investment methods because we offer more than just the tools to make money. We support the complete investment lifecycle, enabling companies and investors to manage their data, engage and communicate through our online dashboard to build valuable, long-lasting relationships.  

Why does Own use its own blockchain?  

We explored existing general-purpose blockchains when we first started out, but they didn’t offer us the functionality we needed to create the best products and services for our users.   

By building our own blockchain, we know it can function exactly as we need to enable speedy, secure transaction processing, and scalability as our number of users grow.   

For more about our rationale, read this blog post: 5 reasons we built our own blockchain 

Who can use Own?  

In short, anyone who wants to make money securely and effectively 

From a business perspective, our platform is flexible enough to help companies of all sizes reach their next level. Our platform can be used out-of-the box by high-growth SMEs looking for rapid access to new resources. We can also develop bespoke features and customised branding for enterprise businesses and market operators looking to offer innovative new products and services to their customers.  

There are some exceptions on which companies can use our platform - please see the later question on sectors for more information.

From an investor perspective, our digital investment platform can be used by both institutional and individual retail investors. Companies can launch private offers to invite-only shareholders, or they can open up fundraising rounds to anyone registered to our platform.  

Our platform is attracting a lot of Millennial investors, who like our digitally-driven, easy-to-use software, and the instant connection to relevant money-making opportunities.  

What sectors do you work with?  

We work across many sectors, helping businesses of all sizes to generate the capital they need in order to reach the next level. Our ‘sweet spot’ is more about size than sector; we are gaining a lot of traction with high-growth SMEs, and also larger enterprises and market operators that want to white-label our platform for their customer base.  

We're open to working with most companies, but there are some 'red flag' high risk sectors that unfortunately we cannot collaborate with at this point in time. These include:

  • Art trade and antique dealing  
  • Diamond trading
  • Pennystocks
  • Gambling
  • Erotic 
  • Public enterprise occupations
  • Occupation for an international organisation (e.g. FIFA, IOX)
  • Commodity trading 
  • Crypto 

How do you help companies to manage investors? 

Our digital investment platform is built on the blockchain, which means all investor data is stored instantly, securely and accurately to ensure high levels of compliance. Businesses can access their investor records at any time to update individual details, and investors are also able to update their personal information independently e.g. if they change address.   

By storing all data on the blockchain, we ensure that all updates are synchronised so that every user sees one version of the truth. No single person has authority over the data, and it is incredibly secure and tamper-proof to ensure accuracy of information.  

In addition, our platform has built-in tools that help companies to increase their investor value. Company news and updates can be sent to shareholders online, and investors can participate in online voting polls, rather than having to send email correspondence or wait until an AGM to get feedback on company resolutions.  

The platform also includes dynamic analysis and reporting features, which enable businesses to understand exactly who their investors are, and which shareholders are most influential. This can inform marketing communications and prioritise who to engage first when launching new voting opportunities.  

Can I manage my existing investors through your platform? 

Yes – you can either add individual investor records to the platform, or you can import your investor database as a single file.  

From here, you can choose whether to offer existing shareholders the same investment opportunities as new shareholders, or you can launch exclusive offers as a reward for their support, and to increase their stake in your company.  

Can I white-label your platform to run my own private market?  

Yes – our digital investment platform can be used off-the-shelf as an Own branded product, or we can work with you to customise its features, branding and colour scheme to white-label it for your business.  

Can you add bespoke features to your platform?  

Yes – if there are specific functions you would like that are not available as standard, our development team are always happy to discuss building and integrating new customer features. 

Can Own help with my investor marketing?  

Yes – our digital investment platform has built-in analytics tools that support effective investor marketing campaigns. Log into your personal dashboard and access the analytics section to see how many investors you have, their holding and location.  

Dynamic analysis tools enable you to see who your most valuable investors are, so you can prioritise marketing communications around your most influential shareholders. You can also identify which investors are not engaging with online communications and voting, to create targeted campaigns that encourage their involvement.  

Is my data secure – and where is it stored?

It’s very secureAll our data is processed by and stored on the blockchain.  

Not only are we using cutting-edge blockchain technology to manage secure data transactions, we built our own blockchain from scratch to offer even greater levels of protection than users receive through a general purpose, public blockchain.  

Blockchain technology offers a number of security advantages, including immediate ratification and synchronisation of data, to ensure that any approved user accessing the system has an up-to-date picture of their business or investor activity.  

Our purpose-built blockchain increases this security by operating as a dual public-private blockchain network, which essentially means that we store sensitive and transactional data differently to publicly accessible information, to safeguard personal details.  

How quickly can I access funds raised through Own? 

As soon as they are available! One of the major benefits of our investment model is that companies enjoy immediate liquidity; when someone invests in your business, you can access those resources – there is no lock-in period.   

Investors also benefit from this same immediacy, so if you want to withdraw your investment or transfer it to a different company, there is no waiting or settlement period.  

How do I start using Own to invest?   

It only takes a few minutes to get up-and-running on our investor platform. Click here to visit our investor portal and fill in your basic personal information – we need to know this for legal purposes. Please note you will need to share some form of ID as part of this process.  

Once you’ve created a profile, an Own expert will verify your identity and credentials and – all being well – approve your registration. At this point you will have the opportunity to complete your investor profile, if you have not done so already.  

Following a quick credentials check (known as KYC), you will then be shown relevant investment offers whenever you log into the portal, and you can create a digital wallet to start investing.  

Is there a minimum amount I need to invest?  

Not necessarily – every company using the portal will set their own requirements on the minimum and maximum stake that people can invest.  

One of the major advantages of our platform is that businesses can choose to offer fractional assets, which lowers the cost of entry for anyone who is on a strict budget, or if you just want to test the water with a new company you’ve seen on the platform

Can I invest using traditional currencies, or do I need to use cryptocurrency?

We like to offer investors as much flexibility as possible, which is why we allow people to invest with traditional currencies (known as fiat) such as the pound, dollar or Euro, as well as cryptocurrencies. This makes it really easy for people to make investments in the way they feel most comfortable.

Is there a limit to how many companies I can invest in?  

No – you can invest in as many business opportunities as you like, so long as you have the funds available. 

One major benefit of our platform is that we are focused on bringing the right companies and investors together. You will see all our live offers when you log into your dashboard, but the option to register or buy tokens will only appear if you are eligible to invest.

Who are the team behind Own?  

Own was founded by three experts in the fields of financial services, technology and business intelligence: Sascha Ragtschaa, Florian Batliner-Staber and Ermin Dzinic. Our founders worked together at ComputerShare and underpin all our technical developments with their knowledge and expertise of the corporate sector.   

Today, Own has more than 15 employees, with specialties in blockchain architecture and FinTech development, sales, marketing, content and business analytics. We pride ourselves on finding the best people in each field – which is why our team is spread widely across Europe! 

Visit our team page to find out more about who we are.  

Where are you based? 

Our strategic head office is in Munich, Germany, whilst our development centre is in Sarajevo, Bosnia. However, we have business hubs throughout Europe including Liechtenstein (an important location for FinTech legislation) and the UK.  

We also have a network of official brand ambassadors across the globe, who represent Own in their local region. Our ambassadors have a wide geographical presence spanning North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.  

Visit our contact page for specific office addresses or view our community page to see where our ambassadors are located.  

Where can I get news and updates from Own? 

There are many places where you can interact with us online, starting with our blog page. This is the best place to come for original content, company updates and industry insights. 

You can also follow us on social media: 








Do you offer user support services?

Yes – if you encounter a challenge when using our platform, or you’re unsure how to do something, email and one of our experts will get back to you.