The future stock exchange

WeExchange: the future stock exchange

WeExchange is WeOwn’s model for the future; a decentralised stock exchange that will give more companies and investors access to capital markets. And it’s launching in 2020.  

A cross-border, liquid, 24/7 marketplace

WeExchange is a simpler, cheaper, more flexible market model for companies and investors.  

Our decentralised, blockchain-based approach does not rely on brokers and middlemen to create cost-effective trading opportunities, so we can offer immediate settlement and liquidity.  

The exchange can manage multiple asset types – including equity and debt claims – tradeable anywhere in the world, 24/7. 


What’s in it for companies?

  • Easier access to capital
  • A wider pool of ready investors
  • 24/7 trading opportunities
  • Efficient support of investor liquidity

What’s in it for investors?

  • Invest in companies outside official funding rounds 
  • Sell your stake at any time for immediate access to cash 
  • No fees for investing and a fair market price for anything you sell
  • Your personal WeExchange login to manage your portfolio online

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