Equity finance for SMEs

The digital alternative to private equity and IPOs.

Our financial marketplace connects you directly to potential investors. By removing middlemen, we lower the time and cost of securing investment.


Our ready-made pool of investors are looking for dynamic, high-growth businesses to back. They want to spot an early opportunity and back that brand for life.


The entire investment process is run through our online platform. This makes it easier for you to manage, and is kinder to the environment.

Simple 4-step fundraising process

  • 1.

    Sign up for free

    to our online platform

  • 2.

    Create your offer

    you control the terms

  • 3.

    Set it live

    we’ll alert eligible investors

  • 4.

    Collect your funds

    immediate liquidity when complete

New to equity fundraising?

Read our beginner’s guide for a full introduction.

How does the marketplace work?

Using cutting-edge blockchain technology, we’ve built a financial marketplace that empowers SMEs to raise equity online by selling digital tokens to investors. Create your profile and build your fundraising offer using our step-by-step process. When you’re ready to go live, we’ll alert investors.

Join our financial marketplace to start your first equity finance offer.


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