Blockchain adoption in the investment and asset management industry with Asset and Wealth Management Expert Oliver Bilal

WeOwn launches live conversations with experts from the digital assets, finance, and banking industry. For our first episode, we were joined by Oliver Bilal, Head of EMEA Distribution at Invesco, one of the top 20 Wealth Management companies worldwide. Also, Oliver Bilal has a great experience with FinTech startups and recently joined WeOwn as Senior Advisor and angel investor.


In this live talk, conducted by Albert Brenner, the Chief Commercial Officer at WeOwn, Oliver discussed, among others:


·      Use-cases of blockchain in the asset management industry [00:01:28]

·      Which opportunities opens blockchain for the private asset industry [00:03:55].

·      How the investment industry adopts distributed ledger technology [00:09:04].

·      What drove Oliver to invest and advise WeOwn and what are his expectations from this partnership [00:13:10].


Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice.