WeOwn: the Bloomberg of digital asset management

Our parallels with the world-famous terminal

In every industry, there are pieces of technology that are used ubiquitously to make life easier. For the investment sector, this has historically been the Bloomberg terminal. But the way in which investors want to connect with companies is changing, and this is creating opportunities for new industry leaders to rival traditional models.   

Companies like WeOwn are pioneering alternative investment methods such as digital asset management, building tech that makes it quicker, simpler and cheaper for dynamic businesses to build relationships with ambitious investors.

Nobody does it better  

Thinking about the traditional finance world and our new digital asset investment model, there’s an interesting parallel between WeOwn’s approach and the Bloomberg terminal

Bloomberg’s software has become the de facto platform of choice for stock market information. Institutional investors across the world use it to access accurate data in real-time, to determine where they make investments. Bloomberg then enables them to back their chosen businesses through an integrated trading platform.    

Technically, investors don’t need to use Bloomberg to trade successfully. There is plenty of information available publicly on each major stock market’s performance, along with economic forecasts and trading patterns. However, researching this independently would take a huge amount of time – involving multiple tools and sources. It makes sense to achieve the same result more efficiently through the Bloomberg terminal.  


Creating an easier route to digital investment 

WeOwn is revolutionising digital asset management in the same way as Bloomberg, combining our technical skill and market knowledge to speed up investment decision-making.   

Our Digital Marketplace uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to accelerate the fundraising process while making it more democratic, giving investors immediate access to a stake in interesting, high growth companies.

There are other similarities between our new-world technology and the Bloomberg terminal’s role in traditional financial services, too. We have the flexibility to tailor log-in dashboards and information streams for subscribers; our platform includes in-built messaging tools to facilitate digital communications between companies and investors; and we enable businesses to publish company news and updates through our online hub. 

For all the similarities, however, there are some key differences between Bloomberg’s technology and what WeOwn is doing – and this reflects the different nature of the space in which we operate.  


Opening the door for individual investors 

Bloomberg created its terminal for the traditional world of institutional investors and stock markets. The cost to access its technology excludes many investors from participating, in the same way that IPOs exclude many high growth SMEs from going public. In Bloomberg’s world, only certain investors get access to only certain companies.  

WeOwn’s investment world is much more democratic. The Digital Marketplace embraces both institutional and retail investors, thanks partly to the cost of entry: our software is free to register and access core services.  

In addition, the way in which we manage investment opportunities works for a wider audience. Our fundraising process converts assets into digital tokens, which can be sold either in their entirety, or fractionalised into smaller shares. This lowers the barrier for entry – meaning younger, ambitious investors can afford to participate, while more established investors can take more risks and diversify their portfolio.

A technology partner for life

Another key differentiator for our technology is its focus. Something like the Bloomberg terminal looks at what the market is doing, with minimal support beyond the point of investment (other than enabling investors to send online messages).  

WeOwn’s Digital Marketplace combines current opportunities with long-term engagement, giving investors the tools to manage holdings through their laptop or smartphone. Businesses, meanwhile, can access features to manage their entire investor relationships digitally.  

For example, rather than relying on email or paper communications and AGMs, companies have the option to conduct voting resolutions and corporate actions through the Digital Marketplace. Investors receive immediate updates on significant changes to the business, and then can cast their response in real-time – with trackable results throughout the poll.  

There are also dynamic analytics tools included in our technology. If businesses require a certain level of response to secure a motion, they can see exactly how many investors need to vote – and who those investors are – and target them specifically. Equally, they can use the same analytics tools to see who is and isn’t engaging with their communications, to improve response rates or offer exclusive new investment opportunities.    


Building towards Bloomberg’s reputation

Certain tech brands are synonymous with success in their industry, and emerging companies aspire to build a similar reputation in their own, innovative way. This is certainly true of Bloomberg and WeOwn. 

We are taking the principles of knowledge, accuracy and efficiency, and applying it to the developing market of digital asset management – so that the next generation of companies and investors have access to a better way of mutually making money. It’s our vision of investment for the digital generation.  


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