WeOwn joins International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) 

WeOwn has joined the International Token Standardization Association as a supporting member, to seamlessly integrate and offer standardised services such as ITIN (Token Identification Number) and classification standards such as ITC within its asset-agnostic registry and token servicing platform, further expanding on offering regulated and standardised solutions for crypto and financial services issuers, investors and service providers. 


With its extensive blockchain technology solutions, WeOwn offers financial institutions a regulated platform to digitise (crypto) securities and financial assets (“tokenisation”).  


WeOwn today serves token issuers, token holders and crypto service providers across multiple asset classes (ranging from NFT’s, Security and Utility Tokens) and covering the entire technology lifecycle from issuance, servicing and secondary market access. 


The International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) e.V. is a non-profit association that aims at promoting the development and implementation of comprehensive market standards for the identification, classification, and analysis of DLT- and blockchain-based cryptographic tokens. As an independent industry membership body, ITSA unites over 100 international associated founding members from various interest groups. In order to increase transparency and safety on global token markets, ITSA currently develops and implements the International Token Identification Number (ITIN) as a market standard for the identification of cryptographic tokens, the International Token Classification (ITC) as a standard framework for the classification of cryptographic tokens according to their inherent characteristics.