Welcome Project Manager Amra to the Team

WeOwn keeps strengthening the team! The growth process requires strong expertise not only in the technical field but organisational and managemental sides too. To sophisticate communication and structure the workflow, our team is happy to welcome our new Project manager and Business Analyst, Amra Comor.    


Welcome to WeOwn team, Amra! How are your first weeks going? 

Thank you for the welcome. This is just my second week at WeOwn, and so far, it is going well. Both team and management gave me a warm welcome and are open to cooperation which is the most important part.  


It is great to hear! Could you briefly introduce yourself, what did you do before coming to the WeOwn? 

Before my appointment at WeOwn I worked also in the IT industry. For almost two years I was in an e-learning playground in the role of Scrum Master and Operation Manager. Although my professional interest in technologies and project management concepts was born before, my previous job was the place where I had an opportunity to work with the development team and implement and utilize the Scrum methodology. 


I know your path a bit. It seems exciting! How can you describe and reflect on the career transfer from law to tech? 

That was the best decision I have ever made. In 2018 I had a fantastic opportunity to work in a coworking space, which was also a startup accelerator. After that, my future path was paved. Working in tech is way more interesting and exciting. There I could develop new products, gain knowledge about innovative technologies and be creative. In comparison to that law is slightly less fascinating, and could I come back after experiencing the thrill of the tech industry? 


Tell us about how you entered the project management space and what attracted you to the field?  

My first experience with project management was in the NGO sector. After that, I discovered agile approaches that were mostly used in tech. I could say it was love at first sight. Having the opportunity to guide a team, work on a variety of projects, and get to try new things before everyone else is what kept me on this career path. 


That makes sense. And how did you know about WeOwn and what makes you choose us to build your career with? 

I have chosen WeOwn for two simple but for me, particularly important reasons. The first one is niche – blockchain which is an incredibly challenging and interesting field to work in. 

The second is people. During my recruiting process, I met amazing people with amazing energy, and I could have imagined myself working with them. 


There are not so many women in the industry? How do you feel about starting working in Web3? 

Unfortunately, it is. I had an opportunity to be the only woman in the company and after a while, I get used to it, but we should encourage women more to start working in IT, particularly Web3.   

My feelings are clear on this front. I feel excited and cannot wait to absorb more knowledge from this revolutionary field. 


What is your role at WeOwn? Tell us more about your daily routine. 

My role is Project Manager/Business Analyst, which means I work closely with the development and quality assurance team. The focus of this role is to guide the team through the development and QA processes using agile methodologies ensuring we deliver quality projects on time, on budget, and within scope. 

In addition to that, I perform market research when needed, document requirements for software development, etc.  

Regarding the daily routine, most days are filled with different meetings. I start each day with morning “daily stand-up” meetings with the development and QA team, which is a short brief from all team members about their activities from the previous day and planned activities for the current day. Afterward if needed I organize meetings with individual team members if they have impediments or unclarities. In between meetings, I try to finish other parts of my role such as planning the next sprint, conducting research, writing analyses, etc.  


Which suggestion would you give to other young professionals looking to start a career in blockchain or project management?  

Blockchain and IT, in general, are the fastest-growing fields so if you feel attracted to either project management or blockchain you should start researching those topics as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to excel in those fields. 


I appreciate that you have shared your experience and vision with us! Finalising our talk, let’s play a short Quiz, but answer honestly and quickly! 

  • The food you love: Italian cuisine 
  • Sport you are passionate about: boxing and running 
  • Character or person that inspires you as a role model: I wouldn’t say my inspiration comes from one person. There are many people who I appreciate, and whose values and aspirations are aligned with mine. 


Thank you for your honest answers. As a team, we’re happy to have you on the board, Amra! 

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