Welcome Front-End Developer Selma to the Team

Blockchain technology offers enormous potential for developing solutions that could change the way we interact on the internet in the coming decades. This potential is being harnessed by people who are ambitious and passionate about talking about their experiences and sharing their knowledge. Today we had the opportunity to meet Selma, a professional software developer who recently joined the WeOwn team. We talked about her path, aspirations and work at WeOwn product team. 



Hey Selma, happy to have you today! Let’s start from the beginning of career to create a comprehensive image for our readers. When and how did you decide to take the computer science career path? Was it your childhood ambition or a spontaneous decision to work in the field? 

I decided to take the computer science career path during the last year of my high school education. It was a well-thought-out decision considering my abilities and interests. I have always been fond of computer science because working in this field can be an exciting challenge and overall fun. I wanted my job to bring me joy every day, continuous learning, and also to be a part of something innovative. 


Have you ever felt a bias towards you because you are a woman in a male-dominated sphere? 

I have not felt any bias towards me as a woman in a male-dominated sphere. During university, there were as many female students as males in my department, if not more, and we were all treated equally. Hopefully, we can reverse the trend of being biased toward women in computer science by removing negative connotations. Educators and parents must work together to help girls maintain their confidence and curiosity in computer science. 


Do you have a mentor, or who is your role model in the world of software engineering? 

My mentor is a close family friend who is also in the computer science industry. He has always been like a big brother to me, and when I entered this field, he has been of great help guiding me through everything and helping with different university cources as well as overall advising me. 


What did you do before joining WeOwn? I see you have actively participated in the RedCross? 

Before joining WeOwn I was a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo and doing freelance work for a few museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have developed several applications that promote rich cultural-historical heritage and tourism of those places. I have also been an active member of the RedCross and Youth Center in my hometown since I started high school. I was a team leader for a group of young activists in the Youth Center and a volunteer for different projects which promote peace and intercultural friendships. 


What is your role at WeOwn? Tell us more about your daily routine at WeOwn. 

I am a Junior Frontend Developer, which means I work with other developers on the appearance of websites. I write code to structure the website’s layout and enhance functionality. My day starts with a daily stand-up meeting, where all employees give a short overview of their previous day and plans for the current. After the meeting, I focus on getting my agreed-upon tasks done. 


Tell us a story or something you particularly enjoy about working at WeOwn. 

I enjoy every part of it. This is my first job, so it was fundamental for me to be in a good environment. The team is incredible, and they made me feel so welcome. I have a great mentor Samir from whom I am learning a lot. Working at WeOwn is everything I hoped for and more, which is why I am so grateful for the opportunity. 


Your path looks exciting, especially because of your authentic interest in the things you do! Could you work in another sphere? If yes, which one? 

If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I probably would have said yes, but now I don’t think I could work in another sphere. I have genuinely found myself in computer science and have never regretted choosing this path. 


Finalizing our talk, which suggestion would you give to other women looking to start a career in Crypto and/or Technology?  

My advice is don’t be afraid to put your foot in the door, look for opportunities that will get you into this industry. Don’t give up if your dream is to be in tech, because everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Women can make it in the world of technology, which is why we must support each other. 


Thank you for your honest answers. As a team, we’re happy to have you, Selma!  

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