The pivotal role of tokenisation in the metaverse

Several visionaries and tech gurus refer to the metaverse as the “future of the internet”. Yet, it is still at an early stage and there are different meanings and different definitions and concepts available. A key element to the metaverse is the availability of multiple “worlds”, with a promise for us to interact and socialise […]

Banking and Regulation Expert Susanne Geber joins WeOwn’s advisory board

We’re excited to announce that Susanne S. Geber has joined our advisory board to support WeOwn with a focus on regulatory policies and regulatory relationships in the D/A/CH region. With her experience in the digital transformation of banks’ business models and her deep knowledge of financial markets regulation in the EU, Susanne will support WeOwn […]

Unveiling the tokenisation of tangible assets

Tokenisation at a glance Cryptographic technologies in the last decades built the basis for a huge shift in the evolution of the economy through conceptualizing and deployment of a new type of economic process – asset tokenisation. Asset tokenisation is a technological, financial, and legal process whereby the value of a real asset is digitised […]

The regulatory landscape for tokenised assets in Europe  

Cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets have been challenged by unclear and patchy regulation in the past seven years, with most major countries and regions unable to define the “token economy” and provide the necessary clarity for both institutional and enterprise participants and consumer adoption.      Whilst it started to be an unregulated environment, especially for utility […]

Welcome QA Tester Semir to the Team

WeOwn is gradually growing and strengthening the team! Pursuing the goal to supply the market with valuable blockchain-based products and deliver the best possible customer experience we attract ambitious talents who are passionate about Web3 world. Today we are happy to introduce you to one of the new WeOwn’s product team members – Software Quality Assurance Tester, Semir Kahvedžić […]

New versions WeOwn Wallet Lite and Pro released

With the release of the WeOwn Blockchain on MainNet 2019, the WeOwn Wallet has been also launched public at large. Wallet is a crucial tool for users to store and retrieve digital assets. It offers members of the WeOwn Blockchain the interface to create wallets, manage private keys, and send or receive assets to other […]

Post-trade Use Cases on WeOwn Layer 1 blockchain

With our technology platform, WeOwn offers financial institutions a solution for the implementation of crypto trading, multi-asset tokenisation, custody, and secondary trading as well as the digitalisation of post-trade processes. The Digital Asset Gateway offers a uniform interface for all use cases between the WeOwn platform and the respective core IT system. Blockchain-based digitisation of […]

WeOwn Wallet – How to farm your CHX Token

WeOwn farming is a great way to earn CHX rewards on the WeOwn Wallet. Yield Farming allows CHX-holders to lock up their tokens to earn interest, placed in smart contracts. Simply states, farming is like lending your CHX-tokens to DeFi protocols to get returns. Unlike other pools, the WeOwn farm requires you to stake two […]

WeOwn Explorer – New version released 

What would a blockchain be without a blockchain explorer? Probably not a lot. This is why we have already made our Explorer available on MainNet in 2019, together with the WeOwn Blockchain.   The WeOwn Explorer offers every user the opportunity to take a look into the “engine room” of the WeOwn Blockchain. The online tool […]

WeOwn blockchain launches new cross-chain asset interoperability  

The Cross-chain concept aimed at the beginning to enable assets to be transferred from one chain to another, and back securely. Further, the idea expanded pursuing to solve the problem of mutual transfer or exchange of assets and states on two or more different networks. Cross-chain technology is the core development direction in the blockchain […]