Challenger banks perfectly poised to rip up the business lending rule book

Sometimes, innovators can see a problem unfolding before it reaches a critical point. Like a natural disaster movie, when scientists try to alert the community to a devastating storm approaching. Fintech companies have been warning the financial services industry about problems with SME funding for some time. However, it’s only since the coronavirus crisis hit […]

How will a new stock exchange model benefit private companies?

WeOwn is pioneering a new approach to accelerate SME growth Access to capital is a global issue for SMEs. Despite making up 99% of all businesses worldwide, private companies are struggling to secure the funding they need through traditional fundraising routes – and the situation isn’t getting any easier. If anything, the stock market is […]

In video: how can SMEs get greater access to capital?

We need to make fundraising more affordable Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy. They contribute significantly to national income, particularly in the developing world, where SMEs are responsible for almost two thirds of all employment.  Given their pivotal role, logic would dictate that the financial services industry is set up to support SME growth. […]

Financial services is in crisis ;  what’s the solution?

The legacy of 2008’s credit crunch is still being felt Lending restrictions mean privately-owned companies are finding it tougher than ever to raise capital, and record low interest rates have led to the number of individual shareholders steadily declining — with Millennials particularly disinterested in traditional stock or fund markets. How do we turn this situation around? […]