How will a new stock exchange model benefit private companies?

WeOwn is pioneering a new approach to accelerate SME growth Access to capital is a global issue for SMEs. Despite making up 99% of all businesses worldwide, private companies are struggling to secure the funding they need through traditional fundraising routes – and the situation isn’t getting any easier. If anything, the stock market is […]

Why are investors turning their back on the stock market?

Public companies can no longer rely on hype Historically, the stock market has been synonymous with success, but the tide is turning on this sentiment. Some big-name brands have faced major embarrassment after their IPO hype fell flat. Aston Martin has wiped 42% off the value of its shares since last October, Uber and Lyft […]

8 things to consider when launching your own security token

Download our free ebook for support creating an STO More and more businesses are realising the advantages of emerging investment methods like tokenization. However, there’s a big difference between understanding its potential and launching your own Security Token Offer (STO).   In order to inspire confidence and help companies explore tokenization opportunities, WeOwn has launched a free […]

3 reasons to create a Security Token Offering

A better investment method for growing businesses The global economy is powered by SMEs, yet it’s difficult for these businesses to secure the capital needed to keep growing.   There are around 30 million small and medium sized businesses across the world, and a high proportion of them are frustrated with the inaccessibility of fundraising methods […]

Considering an STO? Download our new ebook

8 things to consider when launching your own security token Ambitious businesses are waking up to the idea of a cheaper, simpler route to raising capital than launching an IPO or private fundraising. The concept of tokenizing equity, debt or funds to create digital assets is taking off in a big way – however, many companies are unsure of […]

Public or private: what’s the best way to fundraise?

We weigh up the pros and cons of each approach There are often many obstacles that stand between company growth and access to capital. One is the sheer amount of decision making involved in the fundraising process – which is the best route to generating more money?   Most businesses lack the knowledge and confidence needed to progress the capital raising process. Often, they stumble early […]

Beware raising capital through issuance-only platforms

Building investor relationships needs long-term support Access to capital is one of the biggest challenges to business growth, so it’s exciting to see new tools entering the market that are making fundraising more accessible. But while these digital asset platforms are offering a quick connection to new investors, not all of them are quite as helpful as they first appear.   […]

Big brands want to get closer to investors – but how?

From Tesla to Spotify, major companies want better quality relationships Good investor relationships are critical to company growth. However, establishing a rapport with shareholders is easier said than done. Under current models, many CEOs feel disconnected from their investor base – and a sea of third parties stand between them.  This lack of interaction is troubling many big brands. Tesla […]

Are your investors worth more?

How to get the most out of your data Companies are required by law to keep track of who owns their business, and most view this legislation as a simple ‘tick the box’ exercise. However, with a little TLC and the right technology, forward-thinking firms are using investor data to create lucrative business development opportunities.      From list to launch pad At present, […]

Financial services is in crisis ;  what’s the solution?

The legacy of 2008’s credit crunch is still being felt Lending restrictions mean privately-owned companies are finding it tougher than ever to raise capital, and record low interest rates have led to the number of individual shareholders steadily declining — with Millennials particularly disinterested in traditional stock or fund markets. How do we turn this situation around? […]