Why are investors turning their back on the stock market?

Public companies can no longer rely on hype Historically, the stock market has been synonymous with success, but the tide is turning on this sentiment. Some big-name brands have faced major embarrassment after their IPO hype fell flat. Aston Martin has wiped 42% off the value of its shares since last October, Uber and Lyft […]

How is WeOwn improving investor voting?

Forget email and AGMs; we’re taking voting digital Many companies are obligated – or want – to involve investors in corporate decision-making, from re-electing board members to approving acquisitions. After all, investors are the real owners of the company.   In a recent blog post, we looked at why companies need to update their voting process in order to engage investors. Here, we will look at how our new blockchain voting functionality […]

Big brands want to get closer to investors – but how?

From Tesla to Spotify, major companies want better quality relationships Good investor relationships are critical to company growth. However, establishing a rapport with shareholders is easier said than done. Under current models, many CEOs feel disconnected from their investor base – and a sea of third parties stand between them.  This lack of interaction is troubling many big brands. Tesla […]

Why digital investment will come of age in 2019

This is the year that the token market will blow up In life – and business in particular – we’re frequently told don’t believe the hype. But this saying doesn’t always ring true when it comes to emerging technologies. For new tech to reach the mainstream it needs momentum, and this often comes in the form […]

How to engage your most valuable investors

Digital voting can make a big difference to investor decision-making The relationship between companies and investors hasn’t always run smoothly. Historically, some company executives have been reluctant to involve shareholders in all but essential decisions, fearing they won’t understand the intricacies of their company’s best interests.   Meanwhile, investors have sometimes felt undervalued or disengaged, finding it hard to see their input impacting the […]