Software development in the blockchain space with Marko Runjic

Blockchain technology offers enormous potential for developing solutions that could change the way we interact on the internet in the coming decades. This potential is being harnessed by people who are ambitious and passionate about talking about their experiences and sharing their knowledge. Today we had the opportunity to meet Marko, a professional software developer who recently joined the WeOwn team.

Hey Marko! Happy to have you today and welcome to the team! How is your onboarding going?

Good morning and thank you so much! I am happy to be part of the team. Onboarding is going smoothly thanks to the great guidance and support of the teammates. I got familiar with the company’s culture, grasped the essence of our technology ecosystem, already started working on sprint assignments, and aligned on the plan for my career development in the coming months.

Could you briefly introduce yourself, what did you do before coming to WeOwn?

I’m a software engineering enthusiast with more than 8 years of professional experience working in the service business for different prominent clients across the globe. Before joining WeOwn I was engaged in interesting and complex projects in different domains such as gaming, e-learning, logistics automation, and network automation.

That is interesting and how come, that you moved from software development to blockchain software development? What was your motivation? How did you cope with that transition?

Continuous learning and self-improvement have been a fundamental part of my identity for a very long time, and a crucial driving force in those activities is my nature being curious. That is why I saw a great chance to learn more about blockchain as an advanced and promising technology, combine that knowledge with my existing skill set, and together with the team, transform those all together into definite deliverables valuable for our customers and business partners, and so far, things are running as expected.

And how did you know about WeOwn and what makes you choose us to shape your career with?

I have heard about WeOwn through social media and soon after doing initial research I figured out that it would be nice to continue my career there as it offers plenty of opportunities where I can further grow in my role as a senior software engineer and beyond. First, WeOwn operates as a successful company with a bright future in the fintech sector which is the area that has been on my radar for quite some time. Next, WeOwn has decades of domain expertise and highly skilled engineers capable to turn ideas into reality. And finally, engineering operations are being done through cutting-edge technology stack by following industry best practices.

How do you describe WeOwn to your friends? What technologies do you use in your current work?

I would describe WeOwn as a friendly environment of talented people who make cool products for the fintech markets. Overall our solutions are based on .NET Core, C#, F#, Angular, AWS, SQL, and NoSQL.

What is your role at WeOwn? Tell us more about your daily routine.

In the WeOwn my primary role is to help the team in activities regarding backend development and software architecture. My working day usually starts with preparation for the standup meeting we have early in the morning. I review what I have done the day before, spend some time thinking about what progress I can make in the day, and when needed, quickly synchronize with others on tasks we might need to do together so they can plan their day as well. This way, we all come to the meeting well prepared, keep it short and to the point, and the rest of the day basically consists of doing my best to perform the commitments I made in the morning.

What helps you to stay sharp in your work? Do you regularly do courses, research, or learn from your daily working experience?

In general, most of the day I stay focused on the sprint goal, and usually while working on the tasks there is a need to do some sort of research, either to solve some technical challenge or to revisit something I already know but in light of different perspective or to align some approach or decision with industry recommendations or to discuss some solution with colleagues, do knowledge sharing and so on, so I would say that learning in its different forms and intensity is an activity which more or less happens every day. However, I also tend to find some time for dedicated deep learning on topics related to my responsibilities and I enjoy practicing that process throughout a portion of my spare time as well.

Could you guide and give any recommendations to dive into the software development in the blockchain?

In my opinion, a good starting point in blockchain learning is to do courses about it on platforms such as Pluralsight and to explore its terminology step by step by following documentation and tutorials of different organizations and companies that play important roles in the field.

I appreciate that you have shared your experience and vision with us! Finalizing our talk, let’s play a short Quiz, but answer honestly and quickly! 

  • What book do you dream to be filmed? Every book I have read is unique by itself and doing comparisons on such a broad level in order to pick up the favorite one is not an easy thing to do right, and such effort has no practical benefit for me. However, I’m more than happy to watch a movie or theatre version based on any of those. 
  • What dish you are best at cooking? Pancakes 🙂
  • When you are tired, what is the best way for you to recharge? The best way for me to recharge is to listen to some music, read a book, ride a bike, go swimming, or go out with friends.

Thank you for your honest answers. As a team, we’re happy to have you, Marko! 

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