Revolutionizing Tokenization & Blockchain: A Year of Major Milestones for WeOwn

It’s been an exciting year for WeOwn, we’ve made several announcements and updates throughout the year, and we’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights. As we look back on the past year, it’s clear that WeOwn has made significant strides in the realm of tokenization and blockchain technology. From the launch of new features and updates to the addition of industry experts to our team, there has been a lot to celebrate.

Advisory Board Announcements

First, we’re thrilled to welcome Oliver Bilal to our team. As a wealth and asset management expert, Oliver brings a wealth of industry and sales & marketing expertise to WeOwn. In addition to his vast industry knowledge, Oliver has also become a valuable asset to us as a senior advisor and investor. He provides us with valuable insight and guidance, and we are confident that his experience and expertise will help us to achieve our goals and continue to grow our business.  

We also welcomed several new advisors to our team this year, including banking and regulation expert Susanne Geber. Susanne brings her expertise in digital transformation of banks’ business models and extensive knowledge of financial markets regulation in the EU to our team, and supports WeOwn’s growth in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

Product Updates

We also made a big announcement in the realm of cross-chain asset interoperability. The product team has released an update to blockchain bridges concept, enabling the transfer of any digital asset created on the WeOwn blockchain to the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. This process also works in the opposite direction. The cross-chain asset bridge is seamlessly integrated into the WeOwn ecosystem, allowing companies to create and offer their own digital assets, including utility tokens, equity, and debt instruments, on the WeOwn marketplace.

Another exciting development for our platform is the release of the new version of the WeOwn Explorer. This online tool allows users to view and analyze data on the WeOwn Blockchain, starting from the Genesis block. The explorer acts as a search engine for information on individual blocks, public addresses, transactions, and assets. With new features such as the Accounts and Assets menus, bilingual support in German and English, a dark mode option, and increased performance, the explorer is now more user-friendly than ever.

Another exciting development was the launch of the WeOwn Wallet and the introduction of yield farming. Yield farming allows CHX-holders to lock up their tokens to earn interest, placed in smart contracts. This is a great way for users to earn CHX rewards on the WeOwn Wallet, and it allows them to earn CHX while still keeping a position in their other tokens.

One of the key developments for WeOwn this year was the launch of our technology platform that enables financial institutions to implement crypto trading, tokenization, custody, secondary trading, and digitalization of post-trade processes. Our Digital Asset Gateway provides a uniform interface between the WeOwn platform and the core IT system, and offers financial firms the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams. The platform can be used for various use cases such as settling transactions, creating a digital asset register for security tokens, and storing tamper-proof data on the WeOwn blockchain.

We are upgrading our products and services to be compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), giving issuers and token creators the option to choose any major EVM-compatible blockchain as their primary network. They can still use our own blockchain for increased security, but now have access to liquid secondary markets and compatibility with enterprise custodians and wallet solutions. Our bridges allow for token movement between networks and our blockchain will still be used for token corporate actions and voting events. This upgrade gives issuers and investors the flexibility to choose the network they prefer and ensures compatibility with future developments.

Industry Insights

We also delved into the topic of tokenization of tangible assets, which is the process of converting the value of a real-world asset into a digital token on a blockchain. This technology has a wide range of applications, but it is particularly interesting for tokenizing physical assets such as art, real estate, jewelry, and classic cars. Tokenization of physical assets provides benefits to investors, asset managers, and producers, allowing for diversification of portfolios, greater liquidity, and democratization of access to new asset classes. However, we also acknowledged that the market faces several obstacles such as regulatory uncertainty, lack of education, and inadequate infrastructure. These issues need to be addressed in order to make the technology more widely accessible.

Another key topic that we explored this year was the pivotal role of tokenization in the metaverse. The metaverse, referred to as the “future of the internet” by some visionaries, is still in its early stages, but tokenization and blockchain technology are poised to play a crucial role in the metaverse by facilitating decentralized and trustless transactions, and providing options for various tokenization cases such as virtual currencies, the bridge between physical goods and their digital copies, decentralized financial models, ownership and reward structures, brand recognition and loyalty, secondary markets, and metaverse economies.

Conversations with Industry Experts

We also had the pleasure of hosting live conversations with industry expert Oliver Bilal, Head of EMEA Distribution at Invesco, one of the world’s top 20 wealth management companies and Richard Magner, the bank manager with more than 30 years of experience in top management positions at DZ BANK Group in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. During the conversations, our guests discussed the current state of blockchain adoption in the investment and asset management industry and general expectations of banks and wealth managers in current global challenges, how to leverage digital assets and blockchain technology to meet clients’ expectations, promising approaches and use cases for wealth advisors and family offices, the state of digital assets in Germany, and the prospects of blockchain adoption in the German financial sector compared to Switzerland.

Team Growth

We are excited to announce the growth of our team here at WeOwnn. This year, we have welcomed three new members to our team who bring a wealth of experience and skills to help us achieve our goals. First, Semir, our QA Tester. Semir brings a wealth of experience in testing and quality assurance. Next, Amra, our Project Manager. Amra brings a strong expertise in project management. Finally, Selma, our Front-End Developer. Selma is an expert in front-end development. Last but not least, Adi, our ambitious UX-designer with great experience and enthusiasm in developing excellent products. With the addition of these four new team members, we are confident that we will be able to continue our growth and success in the coming year.

All in all, it’s been a successful year for WeOwn, and we’re excited to continue developing and growing our platform in the coming year. We look forward to sharing more updates and announcements with you in the future.