The WeOwn Share Registry

The WeOwn Share Registry uses pioneering blockchain technology to provide companies with a secure and an end-to-end digital platform for shareholder management.

Why is this important?

Maintaining an up-to-date, accurate register is a key legal requirement when issuing a legally compliant offer. Most of the time, registers are managed in Word or Excel documents. This makes it difficult to keep up with changes and poses a risk to the integrity of the data.

Our registry solution also offers a range of automated added value share and owner management processes such as voting, corporate actions and reporting.

The WeOwn Share Registry

Our fully embedded debt and equity ownership register keeps track of all of your investors, including transactions and other history of real-time events.
The platform gives you a real-time, dematerialised and tokenised, legally compliant “on-chain” version of a traditional ownership register. It covers all process steps within the lifecycle of equity and debt securities or token ownership and includes instant settlement of transactions, with no middlemen involved.   Shareholders can view their holdings on demand via a highly usable Web- and App-Interface and trade their shares on the secondary market.  
Our Features

Investor Communication

Engage and communicate directly with your investors and shareholders via the web-based Platform and App.

Investor analytics

Access investor demographics, as well as behavioral and competitive analysis


Blockchain-based voting on resolutions and important business decisions across your investor base e. g. as part of annual ownership meetings.

Financial Reporting

Generate tax and financial reports for all investors and issuers.

Our Benefits

Security & Compliance

Flawless data integrity

Traceability of ownership changes and votings

Sophisticated financial and asset reporting

Real-time access to portfolio information

Multi-client capability

Digital communication

Web development

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