Our Digital Marketplace is now live!

Launch your digital investment offer.

Version 2.0 of our ground-breaking Digital Marketplace is now live, offering companies the opportunity to create security tokens, set up primary issuances and enable other dynamic features supporting end-to-end investment services. 

The Digital Marketplace is an important milestone in our mission to change the way the market works. We are giving businesses greater control over the way they manage financial assets; cutting out the intermediaries that make fundraising time and cost prohibitive and creating equity, debt or fund tokens to unlock new potential through a single, global marketplace.  

Our latest version is completely free to use, giving businesses a quick, cost-effective and simple route to raising capital. Through our Digital Marketplace, companies are able to create private placement offers and distribute tokens to existing investors, although they cannot yet sell tokens to the public. To enable this, they will need to engage our legal and regional partners to ensure a fully compliant offer – get in touch with us to discuss this further.  

Head straight to our Digital Marketplace login page to start exploring our new features independently, or read on for further insight into what version 2.0 has to offer – with a focus on our equity features. 


Getting started: registering your business and creating tokens  

To start using our Digital Marketplace you will need to visit the login page and register your business. We only need a few basic details – name, company, country of incorporation, email address and a chosen password – to set up an account.

As part of the registration process, you will automatically create a security token that can be used for future activities on the Digital Marketplace. At this stage, we will ask you to confirm: 

  • What type of token you want to create – equity, fund or debt 
  • The name and symbol your token
  • How many tokens you want to include in your total supply

The tokens you create will be automatically stored on our bespoke blockchain. This ensures a tamper-proof record of all activities, and you can share accurate holding data with your investors. We can also use it to generate digital share certificates. 

And that’s it – in just five steps, you are ready to start trading via the Digital Marketplace!

The important part: raising capital  

It only takes a couple of minutes to register, and you can start using your newly-created security tokens to raise capital straight away.  

You’ll be directed to a home screen with three options. To launch a primary issuance, select the middle option, raise funds privately. 

Step 1 – confirming your offer  

Your first step is to confirm the details of your token and their worth in fiat money. You also need to record what proportion of your company equity you are giving away in shares.

There is an important decision to be made at this stage regarding your token offer: will you be giving investors dividend payments and/or voting rights? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, make sure you highlight the appropriate option before hitting save.  


Step 2 – creating your business profile  

Your STO will only be successful if investors are attracted to your proposition, so you need to outline what you’re offering by creating a business profile.  

Although you can go back and add more detail at any point in time, the principle of creating a profile is simple: the more informative and transparent you are, the more funds you will raise. 

There are five sections to complete in order to create a profile on the Digital Marketplace: 

  • Basic company information – enter your company name, country of incorporation, website address, a brief overview of who you are and upload your logo
  • Advanced business information – add details such as the size of your company, incorporation date and sector. You can also add a cover image to make your profile look even more attractive to potential investors
  • Company address – this section is fairly self-explanatory!
  • Documents – here’s the important bit. To maximise your chances of securing investment, upload your offer prospectus and company financials to your profile. If there are any other relevant articles to support or enhance your STO, you can add these too
  • Social media details – add links to your social channels and upload videos for potential investors to watch

Step 3 configuring your offer  

With your company details in place, the next step is to complete the information we need to get your offer live.  

In order to do this, we need to know if there are any restrictions on eligible investors – for example, their age, country of residence, or the minimum/maximum value of their investment.

We also need to know the structure of your offer: start and end dates, the total offer value, soft and hard caps, when tokens will be distributed, and when secondary trading can begin. To calculate the total value, either ask someone in your business to provide this information, or use an external provider like Equidam to make the calculation.  


Step 4 – adding your investors 

With the offer in place, all you need to do is start spreading the word! You can upload the details of all the investors you want to involve in your initial fundraising round direct to the Digital Marketplace.

Make sure you include each investor’s email address, as we will need to invite them to participate online via our Digital Marketplace. 

After this data is entered, accept our terms and conditions and then make yourself a coffee while we run our essential checks to approve your offer and set it live!  


Other cool stuff the Digital Marketplace can do 

Primary issuance is just one element of our Digital Marketplace . We’ve released a host of exciting new features, including:

  • Distribute tokens to existing investors – so they can track and manage their holdings via the blockchain
  • Launch public offers – without having to do an IPO for a quicker, cheaper way to raise capital
  • Manage your investor register – our Decentralised Stakeholder Register module ensures accurate information on your entire database in a central, digital location
  • Transfer ownership – easily move tokens between investors
  • Investor engagement – see how many shareholders have voted on your latest resolutions, invite investors to take part in voting or fundraising opportunities, and send/receive communications via the Digital Marketplace
  • Analytics – understand your investor base and token performance in granular detail with our dynamic reporting tools  


Rather than explaining each of these features in great detail, the best thing to do is explore the Digital Marketplace for yourself. It’s free to register, and our core services are available with no charge. You can also find out more about our approach, and how our product modules fit together, by reading our digital investment 101 blog post.  

While version 2.0 is a milestone moment for WeOwn, our development team are not standing still. We are working to create even more useful features in the near future, including secondary market access, further analytics functions and new data matching capabilities – so make sure you follow us on social media for the latest updates.  

We are also working with internationally recognised authorities to keep pushing the boundaries in financial services, enhancing our reputation as a full-service provider across the investment lifecycle. We hope to bring you details of these exciting ventures soon.  


Visit our Digital Marketplace login page to launch your first digital offer.