New versions WeOwn Wallet Lite and Pro released

With the release of the WeOwn Blockchain on MainNet 2019, the WeOwn Wallet has been also launched public at large. Wallet is a crucial tool for users to store and retrieve digital assets. It offers members of the WeOwn Blockchain the interface to create wallets, manage private keys, and send or receive assets to other participants. In addition, information on validators can be accessed and CHX tokens can be staked to generate passive income.  

In the last few months, we have extensively expanded the Wallet and added additional functions. In the process, we have divided the Wallet into two editions: 

  • WeOwn Wallet Lite corresponds to the functional scope of the previous wallet. The range of functions is deliberately limited and there are no dependencies on other services. It is an integral part of the blockchain and is also available as open-source on GitHub. Because we focused on a very efficient single-page design from the beginning, the possibilities for expansion were limited. For this reason, we have developed a new, independent version, the WeOwn Wallet Pro.  
  • WeOwn Wallet Pro: We have developed this wallet from scratch and equipped it with the full range of functions. The Wallet Pro offers all the functions of the Lite version, but in addition: 
    • Cross-Chain Operability through blockchain bridges: Thanks to the blockchain bridges, users can transfer the WeOwn native token to other blockchains – or in the other direction. More information can be found in this blog post or in this step-by-step description 
    • Liquidity/Yield Farming: Farming offers an interesting functionality that goes beyond staking: The liquidity pool powers a marketplace where anyone can lend or borrow tokens. The usage of these marketplace incurs fees from the users, and the fees are used to pay liquidity providers for staking their own tokens in the pool. For more information, check this step-by-step guide. 

Beyond cross-chain bridges and farming, we have improved both wallets through a number of adjustments: 

  • We have also transferred our new WeOwn brand to the Wallet and adapted the look accordingly. 
  • The Wallet is now available bilingually in German and English. 
  • We have added a new dark mode to the light standard design. This makes it much easier to work with Wallet in dark environments. 
  • We have further increased the performance of the Wallet. 

The access data is identical for both wallets. Links to the other version are offered on the respective wallet homepage. It is not possible to switch between the wallets. 

The two wallets are available immediately by following links: