WeOwn Explorer – New version released 

What would a blockchain be without a blockchain explorer? Probably not a lot. This is why we have already made our Explorer available on MainNet in 2019, together with the WeOwn Blockchain.  

The WeOwn Explorer offers every user the opportunity to take a look into the “engine room” of the WeOwn Blockchain. The online tool provides data and detailed analysis of the blockchain, starting with the first day in the so-called Genesis block. The WeOwn Explorer acts as a search engine where users can find information about individual blocks, public addresses, transactions, assets, or addresses. In terms of pending transactions, the WeOwn Explorer is useful for users who are waiting for block confirmations.   


With this release, we have significantly enhanced the WeOwn Explorer. A few innovations are: 

We have added a new menu “Accounts” to the explorer. This menu first offers an overview of all accounts available on the WeOwn blockchain. In the account details, you will find further relevant data, including the number of assets that have been created under this account as well as all transfers and holdings on the individual assets. 

Another new feature is the “Assets” menu, which provides a specific view of all assets on the WeOwn blockchain. On the overview page, each asset can first be viewed with the respective supply and the number of holders. In the detailed view of an asset, the respective transactions can then be tracked in detail – as well as the holders with their corresponding share of the total stock. A breakdown of the transfers is also interesting: the transfers for the respective asset on the WeOwn blockchain are displayed and – if available – all cross-bridge transactions between the WeOwn blockchain and other blockchains (or vice versa) with detailed information. 

In order to understand terms such as “accounts” or “assets”, it is important to comprehend how the WeOwn Blockchain works. As this blockchain was developed specifically for financial assets, there are a few conceptual differences to public blockchains. A good overview of the functionality and terminology can be found in this description of the so-called Decentralised Asset Management Protocol (DAM). 


Beyond these two new menus, we have made other improvements to WeOwn Explorer: 

  • We have also transferred our new WeOwn brand to the Explorer and adapted the look accordingly. 
  • The Explorer is now available bilingually in German and English. 
  • We have added a new dark mode to the light standard design. This makes it much easier to work with Explorer in dark environments. 
  • We have further increased the performance of the Explorer. 


Click here and find new version of the WeOwn Explorer.