Our End-to-End Marketplace Solution

Our primary use case for the eSmart Finance Platform is an end-to-end marketplace to create, issue, manage and trade digitised debt-based securities, such as bonds, structured investment products and certificates.

What is it for?

In addition to direct bank loan offerings, with our marketplace solution banks can offer their small and medium sized enterprise clients a more simple, cost-effective and faster way to raise borrowed capital.

The platform serves as an information exchange. Investment takes place directly between the company and the investor.

We developed this marketplace solution after seeing the increasing number of banks withdrawing from the B2B small ticket credits segment (provision of loans up to €100,000). SMEs have increasingly limited access to business funding and are looking for alternative financing options

Advantages for banks

Cost and administration advantages

Syndication of loans to reduce risk exposure

Hedging of previous debt commitment by strengthening equity ratio

Boosting credit rating and existing lending business

New investment opportunities for investors

New sources of revenues and business model innovation

Advantages for enterprise borrowers

Finance flexibility by providing additional sources of loans

Flexibility in loan conditions and investor models

Reduced costs and increased time-to-capital

Advantages for investors

Unique opportunity to invest in non-listed companies

Diversification of investment portfolio

Case study

Curious about how our solution can be implemented? Take a look at the latest application of our marketplace technology in building DeFinity, which is a decentralised DeFi exchange, specialised to trade traditional and digital FX.  

Case study

Our technology wrapped in a modern app
Earlier this year, we launched Money Turtle, a mobile app that modernises the fundraising process for any business or project. By doing so, we are providing a reliable and secure way to raise funds.  

Don’t see your particular use case?

Our platform has a lot more to offer. Talk to us about your requirements.  

Equity Finance

ahead of the curve

Based on our ICO / IDO and Security Token Offering (STO) experience we have also built our platform with the opportunity to cover equity securities and equity finance. Based on our market perspective we believe local regulations will provide the legal frame for fully digital equity securities and finance within the next 2-3 years.   We are already providing Security Token Offerings (STO) services via our office in Liechtenstein.

SME Onboarding /​ Scoring​

• SME deal flow
• Scoring​


Tokenisation and issuance of financial assets


• Match-Making Investor to SME
• ​Payment Services
• Smart Contracts ​


• Corporate Actions (equity)
• Contract
• Dividend management (debt)​


Digitisation of financial assets​


• Identification
• Integration
• Verification​

Registry /
Post Trade

• Investor and shareholder register
• SME and Investor self-service portal
• Digital assets custody services
• Investor communication

Bulletin board for
peer-to-peer secondary trading

Exchange and secondary market ​ for financial assets​

What is the technology set-up?

Our eSmart Finance Platform is developed on state-of-the-art web technology that serves higher standards in terms of performance and security. Our flexible API-Layer offers high level of integration with other applications such as banking and trading systems. 

We have built our platform based on our own blockchain, which is specially tailored for financial assets. Our bespoke blockchain offers maximum security with high scalability and unprecedented cost and energy savings compared to other blockchains (e. g. Ethereum). At the same time, we do offer bridging architecture interoperability with other third party blockchains.  

Registry Services

A key element of our platform

Our offering includes the WeOwn Share Register which provides companies with a secure, end-to-end digital platform for asset and owner management of debt and equity securities. It’s free to use and already utilised by thousands of companies.