In video: how will the blockchain landscape change in 2019?

We ask WeOwn’s CEO, Sascha, his thoughts

The world of blockchain is constantly evolving, so what does 2019 have in store for the tech industry? We sat down with WeOwn’s CEO & Co-Founder, Sascha Raagstcha, for his insights. 

“With the maturity of blockchain technology there comes a big focus on mainstream adoption,” he told us. “I hope this is the year that blockchain will move beyond hype, but I think it will take 2-3 years to truly settle down. 

“There are projects that have raised a lot of money but then under-delivered. At WeOwn we want to work differently to this, and create beautiful apps that have a real purpose, but that anyone can use.

“I hope in 12 months’ time the industry will have some real use cases of companies using blockchain technology, and we are one of the companies delivering that value for enterprises,” he added. 

Watch Sascha’s interview in full by clicking on the video link below:


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