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WeOwn is a blockchain-based technology provider that redefines the lending and equity finance space by digitalising debt and equity assets.  

Our eSmart Finance solution covers the entire value chain for equity and loan instruments: from onboarding and risk scoring, via minting and tokenisation of securities, contract and investor lifecycle management to secondary trading.    

We explored existing general-purpose blockchains when we first started out, but they didn’t offer us the functionality we needed to create the best products and services for our users.   

By building our own blockchain, we know it can function exactly as we need to enable speedy, secure transaction processing, and scalability as our number of users grow.   

For more about our rationale, read this blog post: 5 reasons we built our own blockchain.  

WeOwn was founded by three experts in the fields of financial services, technology and business intelligence: Sascha Ragtschaa, Florian Batliner-Staber and Ermin Dzinic. Our founders worked together at Computershare and underpin all our technical developments with their knowledge and expertise of the corporate sector.    Today, WeOwn has more than 15 employees, with specialties in blockchain architecture and FinTech development, sales, marketing, content and business analytics. We pride ourselves on finding the best people in each field – which is why our team is spread widely across Europe!  Visit our team page to find out more about who we are. 
Our strategic head office is in Munich, Germany, whilst our development centre is in Sarajevo, Bosnia. However, we have business hubs throughout Europe including Liechtenstein (an important location for FinTech legislation) and the UK.   We also have a network of official brand ambassadors across the globe, who represent WeOwn in their local region. Our ambassadors have a wide geographical presence spanning North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.   Visit our contact page for specific office addresses or view our community page to see where our ambassadors are located. 

There are many places where you can interact with us online, starting with our blog page. This is the best place to come for original content, company updates and industry insights. 

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It’s very secure! All our data is processed by and stored on the blockchain.   Not only are we using cutting-edge blockchain technology to manage secure data transactions, we built our own blockchain from scratch to offer even greater levels of protection than users receive through a general purpose, public blockchain.   Blockchain technology offers a number of security advantages, including immediate ratification and synchronisation of data, to ensure that any approved user accessing the system has an up-to-date picture of their business or investor activity.   Our purpose-built blockchain increases this security by operating as a dual public-private blockchain network, which essentially means that we store sensitive and transactional data differently to publicly accessible information, to safeguard personal details.
Yes – our Digital Marketplace can be used off-the-shelf as an WeOwn branded product, or we can work with you to customise its features, branding and colour scheme to white-label it for your business.

Equity fundraising is the process of getting people to back your business because they believe it has growth potential. The injection of capital generated by this process gives you more resources to develop your business, which investors hope/believe will increase its value, and therefore the value of their investment.  

There are several different ways that SMEs can raise equity, and WeOwn operates a process called a Security Token Offering (STO). This is an online model that allows investors to buy digital tokens that represent a stake in your business. We’ve chosen this model because it is highly sustainable, cuts down on paperwork, and allows us to run everything through our online financial marketplace, rather than involving third party partners.  

As a result, WeOwn can provide quicker, cheaper access to business funding than rival platforms and methods, and SMEs can retain complete control over the financing process. We also offer complete liquidity, so companies can access capital as soon as the raise is complete.

We work with financial institutions and help them expand their offering to small and medium-sized enterprises.