WeOwn token bCHX is now live on PancakeSwap

In a recent post we announced that the CHX token is now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using WeOwns blockchain as a cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and BSC. After bridging the CHX token into BSC, the next step was to integrate it with the BSC DeFi ecosystem – one of the fastest-growing DeFi ecosystems out there. 

We are excited to announce that the wrapped CHX token is now available on PancakeSwap as bCHX! The token pair bCHX / BUSD  is now can be accessed here on PancakeSwap. Liquidity can be added here to the pool. 

PancakeSwap is the most popular DEX/AMM on BSC. This makes PancakeSwap an optimal choice for being the first BSC protocol for CHX to integrate with. 

PancakeSwap https://pancakeswap.finance/info/pool/0x2d20f8edc7f6759e1171d4ea119dc94cce44858e