eDebt Securities

In addition to the fully integrated marketplace platform, our eSmart Finance Platform offers the full range of post-trade service for eDebt securities, such as bonds, structured investments, certificates and derivatives.

What is it for?

With our marketplace solution banks can offer their enterprise clients a blockchain-based digitalisation of the traditional post-trade process of issuing and custody debt securities.

In the past only listed companies were able to issue debt-based securities such as bonds. With new legislation initiatives in an increasing number of European countries (Germany, UK, France and others), non-listed companies are also able to use this vehicle to raise loans by issuing debt securities.

Our eDebt Securities solution covers the full process from tokenisation, administration to custody. It reduces documentation and administration efforts and custody costs by digitalising the post-trade processes of financial assets and skipping the Central securities depository (CSD) altogether. Our solution brings significant savings while simultaneously offering a streamlined end-to-end process.

Advantages for financial institutions

Reduction of administration and custody efforts and costs

Easy transferability

Offer debt securities to non-listed companies

Blockchain test case for banks with real business value

Advantages for companies

Reduced spending due to avoidance of custody costs

Easy transferability

Fewer settlement and other associated fees

New vehicle of funding for non-listed companies

eSmart Finance Platform

Our eSmart Finance Platform is developed on state-of-the-art web technology that serves higher standards in terms of performance and security. Our flexible API-Layer offers high level of integration with other applications such as banking and trading systems.

We have built our platform based on our own blockchain, which is specially tailored for financial assets.

Our bespoke blockchain offers maximum security with high scalability and unprecedented cost and energy savings compared to other blockchains (e. g. Ethereum). At the same time, we do offer bridging architecture interoperability with other third party blockchains.

Equity Finance: ahead of the curve

Our platform is fully ready to be used for equity tokenisation once local regulations become available. In the meantime, we offer equity tokenisation through Security Token Offerings via Liechtenstein

Registry Services

A key element of our platform

Our offering includes the WeOwn Share Register which provides companies with a secure, end-to-end digital platform for asset and owner management of debt and equity securities. It’s free to use and already utilised by thousands of companies.  

Don’t see your particular use case?

Our platform has a lot more to offer. Talk to us about your requirements.