CEO Update – the journey of WeOwn  

Up to now, there’s no other field developing as rapidly as blockchain. For 4 years WeOwn has been working passionately on building solutions for the next day and is happy to share breath-taking adventure updates of a continuous cycle of research, innovation, and technology improvements.   

In 2017 we started with building our eSmart Finance Plattform that is focused on tokenization of financial assets (such as equity, debt, and funds) and a marketplace for issuance and secondary trading including the first blockchain-based ownership and token register. The tokenization is based on our energy-efficient and highly scalable dPOS enterprise blockchain.   

Those days tokenized assets were a “bleeding edge” concept only. It was a time when digital assets were a speculative tool for tech-savvy investors and business entrepreneurs. Since that period the market has significantly matured. Today digital assets are perceived as a distinct asset class and achieved further continuous mainstream adoption. In the meanwhile, on our platform 1.000 businesses and 8.000 investors have registered. Also, legal environments for tokenized assets have significantly progressed too. We have started our activities in Liechtenstein due to the most advanced regulatory framework in Europe. Since 2017 regulators also in other countries have started to provide more facilities and certainty to traditional market operators, with further harmonization on a European level and progression underway.  

Our focus is on providing financial institutions a secure and scalable bank-grade enterprise platform to implement their digital asset use cases. We can service and support financial firms and help them unlock the business potential of trading digital currencies, tokenization bankable, and non-bankable assets and adapt the new models of decentralized finance. 

We are excited about the market opportunities. The evolution of tokenized and digital assets brings traditional businesses and new market entrants to the playground. We believe that we achieved the best position to support those who need assistance with this new asset class and the decentralized finance model. 

WeOwn’s blockchain-based platform 

The core of WeOwn’s product is the enterprise hybrid blockchain and $CHX- token. Continuous research and development throughout the last five years and our long-lasting experience in developing and interfacing traditional finance systems of banks and exchanges brought us to the following architecture of the technological solution, where we connect the blockchain ecosystem with existing businesses.   

Last year our development team gave special priority to two main areas:  

  1. To increase the interoperability of our enterprise blockchain. Such a strong focus lets us develop bi-directional network bridges to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to support asset transfers between blockchains. In the set-up roadmap Stellar and Cardano bridges are planned too.  
  1. Further strengthen our digital asset gateway that creates one single interface with the central core banking system of our customers and the decentralized digital asset use cases enabled by our eSmart Finance Plattform.    

Existing platform features and components already interact with several use cases we currently deliver to financial services firms. Our deploying experience, learnings, and aspirations serve us to keep the client portfolio growing and build a strong business network. 

The website has been updated to reflect better the B2B nature of our business, and it will evolve to serve our ambitions continuously. Currently, we are adding more features for engineers and our community like validator stats, token stats, GitHub links. 

WeOwn’s technology and business journey 

Last year our team has made a number of essential steps to enforce our business portfolio, develop team, extend the network and enhance continuous growth: 

Continuous improvement. External challenges as well as internal passion to deliver innovative technologies led us to improve our tokenization and digital asset gateway solutions and to extend technological opportunities for the B2B segment of the financial providers.  

New product. WeOwn has designed and launched the “eSmart Finance Platform” for banks and financial institutes. This product offers a standardized gateway and a set of business solutions to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the digital asset world.  

New partnerships. Pursuing opening our technology for further third-party integrations, we’ve adjusted our partnership engagement model and shaped strategic alliances both on the business and technology side (i.e., DeFinity for Digital FX with DMALINK). 

Use case focus. Our principal use cases circle around the following themes of tokenized and digital assets field: 

  • Tokenization (debt, equity, fund vehicles)
  • Issuance of tokenized assets (security tokens, utility tokens, currency tokens as well as physical tokenized assets)
  • Marketplace and Trading Solutions for digital and tokenized assets 
  • Post-Trade Services and Solutions (token holder management, corporate actions)
  • Custody Services and Registration 

WeOwn’s team  

In 2021 we went through significant operational setup changes across our business entities and joint ventures. To simplify our management structure and flows we cleaned up our organizational, contractual, and shareholder portfolio. Whilst we are currently growing our revenue streams across key tokenization and blockchain use cases, we will equally start a new investor round in 2022.  

We have welcomed a new key member into our executive team, Albert Brenner, as Chief Commercial Officer and Equity Partner for WeOwn. Albert was Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager Sales for Xerox Europe and has successfully developed several digital businesses and consulted major companies in the past (Allianz, Deutsche Bank, dwpbank). Albert is leading our commercial and business side and is an integral member of our leadership team. 

We re-energized and restarted our advisory board and its members to ensure we have the right support and the best skillset in the key areas and markets we want to serve in the medium and long-term perspective. New members include Richard Manger (ex-Chairman / Board of Directors of DZ-Bank, board member of V-Bank), Robert Plehn (aka Boz, ex-Head of Capital Markets GE Capital and ex-Head of Structured Finance for Lloyd’s), and Oliver Bilal (ex-Head of International Sales and Marketing at Natixis Investment Managers and ex-Head of EMEA for UBS Asset Management) and are partnered with our existing board members Bryan Chan (ex-Director of Securities HK Stock Exchange), Klaus Tschütscher (ex-Prime Minister of Liechtenstein).  

For those, who would love to know us better, you can find some answers in our AMA´14 session. 

Summing up, I would like to note, that WeOwn’s team is super thrilled about the future: we are creating one of the most significant tokenization and digitization businesses to help financial service providers with the tools they are currently lacking based on our own enterprise hybrid blockchain.  

Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated, so please drop me a note via e-mail ( or Telegram (@ragtschaa).  

Thanks again! 

Sascha Ragtschaa 

WeOwn CEO and Co-Founder