Current Proof-of-Work discussions around MiCA ignores token economy  

The discussions on the ban of proof-of-work blockchains in the EU have come to an end for the time being with the decision of March 14, 2022. Under the keyword “Bitcoin ban” in the EU, the controversy was unfortunately shortened to the topic of cryptocurrencies and did not sufficiently expose the tokenization of digital and […]

CEO Update – the journey of WeOwn  

Up to now, there’s no other field developing as rapidly as blockchain. For 4 years WeOwn has been working passionately on building solutions for the next day and is happy to share breath-taking adventure updates of a continuous cycle of research, innovation, and technology improvements.    In 2017 we started with building our eSmart Finance […]

8 things to consider when launching your own security token

Download our free ebook for support creating an STO More and more businesses are realising the advantages of emerging investment methods like tokenization. However, there’s a big difference between understanding its potential and launching your own Security Token Offer (STO).   In order to inspire confidence and help companies explore tokenization opportunities, WeOwn has launched a free […]

How does digital investment work – and who’s doing it best?

A quick introduction to the world of digital assets and tokenization There’s been a lot of industry buzz about the potential of tokenization; the market is predicted to be worth $24 trillion by 2027. But not all tokens are created equal – or offer the same opportunities to enterprises.   What are tokens?    Within the tokenization market, there […]

Why digital investment will come of age in 2019

This is the year that the token market will blow up In life – and business in particular – we’re frequently told don’t believe the hype. But this saying doesn’t always ring true when it comes to emerging technologies. For new tech to reach the mainstream it needs momentum, and this often comes in the form […]

Digital investment 101

A beginner’s guide to tokenization Tokenization isn’t just our USP; its a revolutionary way to do investment better, and the market has billion-dollar potential. But not every business fully understands how it can help you raise money quickly – which is why we’ve put together this digital investment 101 guide.     What is a token?  […]