Welcome Front-End Developer Selma to the Team

Blockchain technology offers enormous potential for developing solutions that could change the way we interact on the internet in the coming decades. This potential is being harnessed by people who are ambitious and passionate about talking about their experiences and sharing their knowledge. Today we had the opportunity to meet Selma, a professional software developer […]

UI/UX designer Adi Kurahovic about his work in the Web3 space 

User experience and user interface design have a greater impact on the utility and widespread adoption of blockchain. For this reason, the WeOwn team is backed by passionate and experienced professional, UI/UX designer, Adi Kurahovic.    Hey Adi! Happy to have you today. You are for some time with WeOwn, how was your journey?   […]

Welcome Project Manager Amra to the Team

WeOwn keeps strengthening the team! The growth process requires strong expertise not only in the technical field but organisational and managemental sides too. To sophisticate communication and structure the workflow, our team is happy to welcome our new Project manager and Business Analyst, Amra Comor.       Welcome to WeOwn team, Amra! How are your […]

Welcome QA Tester Semir to the Team

WeOwn is gradually growing and strengthening the team! Pursuing the goal to supply the market with valuable blockchain-based products and deliver the best possible customer experience we attract ambitious talents who are passionate about Web3 world. Today we are happy to introduce you to one of the new WeOwn’s product team members – Software Quality Assurance Tester, Semir Kahvedžić […]

A day in the life of WeOwn’s Senior Software Engineer, Ajdin Kahrovic

Meet another WeOwn technical wizard We’ve been on a major development drive this year, thanks to a huge amount of work by our backend team. Here, we meet one of WeOwn’s technical wizards from our Sarajevo office – Senior Software Engineer, Ajdin Kahrovic – who’s essential to the technical planning, design and development of our investment products.     How do you like to start your day?   I wake up around 7:00am, have […]

A day in the life of WeOwn’s Software Architect, Anil Mujagic

Meet a key driving force behind WeOwn’s technical team Our technical team are an unstoppable force, constantly developing new products and services to help businesses and investors make more money.    A key driving force behind their success is WeOwn’s Senior Software Architect, Anil. We managed to tear him away from his lengthy to-do list for a few moments, to find […]