A Guide to WeOwn’s Market Operator Portal

Since 2017, we have consistently been developing our vision of providing our blockchain and the platforms based on our technology for companies to tokenise their financial assets. Back in 2018, we were the first company to release a blockchain-based registry for issuing and managing company shares. Since then, we have developed dedicated portals for both investors and businesses to handle the entire equity and debt financing processes. As WeOwn, we see ourselves as a technology provider that develops suitable peer-to-peer solutions as white-label products based on our blockchain, which can be utilised by the likes of financial service providers, asset managers, and private equity funds as a marketplace service to their customers.

Introducing our new Market Operator Portal 

Most recently, we have significantly expanded the Market Operator Portal. The Market Operator Portal is used by operators who offer their customer base a marketplace based on WeOwn’s solution. Each operator can utilise our solution to offer a custom marketplace, on which any number of companies can carry out equity and/or debt financing activities. The Market Operator Portal acts as an overarching instance that provides the marketplace operator with an overview of all activities on the business and investor portals. The basic structure is as follows:

The Market Operator Portal aggregates relevant data from the Business and Investor Portals and makes it available for the overall administration of processes.


One of the main functions of the Market Operator Portal is the reporting of information from the underlying portals. The market operator is always able to see the number of new registrations of investors and new businesses, track the KYC status and see the status of financing projects in real time. The reporting also includes details on the different status information, whether the financing is successful, what amount is still outstanding, how much has already been raised via the marketplace, including precise breakdowns of the sectors and countries in which businesses operate.

A neat dashboard displays the most important information from the marketplace.

Specific views

There are separate views available for different parties (investors and businesses) or business transactions (offers and payment process). When it comes to offers, for example, a market operator can monitor the exact status of all offers on its marketplace:

Similarly, a market operator can look at an accurate view of the status of each investor and their investments in the marketplace.

Depending on the setting, a marketplace operator can not only view the entire KYC (know your customer) information, but is also responsible as per a defined process to perform an initial check before an investor can invest in the desired business (see the example below).

White-label adjustments

Market operators are able to customise the appearance of their marketplace for businesses and investors in a separate area. For this purpose, they can transfer their own corporate design to the marketplace with a simple colour selection and, of course, upload their logo. There is also the option for market operators to upload their terms and conditions, which must be accepted by the businesses participating in the marketplace. Thanks to the universal white-label capability of the portals, market operators can adapt the appearance to their own needs without technical knowledge. The settings have an immediate effect on the investor or business portal.

Definition of essential process flows

In addition to the settings for the visual appearance, market operators can also change the settings for the main responsibilities. This flexibility may be required by market operators that have to map different business processes, some of which are very different.

The KYC-process setting allows a market operator to determine whether it wants to establish a 4-eyes principle for its marketplace, so that all investors who register on the marketplace must first be accepted in principle by the marketplace operator. In this way, a market operator can ensure its overarching responsibility and that no investors violate the market operator’s criteria. Once an investor has been accepted by the marketplace operator, the next step is for the respective business in which the investor wants to invest to accept the investor as well. Alternatively, the process can be configured in such a way that a simplified principle applies, so that the business alone decides whether investors meet its set criteria.

Other settings have similar customisation options that affect the underlying processes for offers and payments.

In this supervisor role, a market operator has an influence on other important processes on the portals as well, as shown below.

Thanks to these settings, a market operator can define essential business processes and important settings in a very granular way. This flexibility is essential for transparency to compliance teams or any external parties involved.

The Marketplace Operator Portal is an essential component of the complete marketplace solution from WeOwn. Thanks to its extensive reporting and setting options, a marketplace operator is able to overview all activities on the business and investor portals at any given time and make basic settings so that internal business processes can be adequately mapped.

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