A day in the life of WeOwn’s Software Architect, Anil Mujagic

Meet a key driving force behind WeOwn’s technical team

Our technical team are an unstoppable force, constantly developing new products and services to help businesses and investors make more money.   

A key driving force behind their success is WeOwn’s Senior Software Architect, Anil. We managed to tear him away from his lengthy to-do list for a few moments, to find out more about a typical day in his life…  


How does your morning start?  

By getting out of bed! I have a family including two children, so there is no typical pattern to our routine other than trying to get everyone ready. 


What does your work day look like, and how do you manage your workload?  

The majority of my time is spent in software development, which requires long, focused periods of time without interruption. As I don’t like to multitask, I always try to pick the most important item to work on each day and focus on getting that done first.   Other than that, I spend time documenting the technology and processes related to the development of our software solutions, and I review the code we’re writing and provide technical guidance to our developers. 


What are your biggest day-to-day challenges, and how do you overcome them?  

Our teams are distributed across different countries, so most of our communications are carried out through email and online chat. This means there is a fine balance between focusing on my own tasks and responding to messages from colleagues in a timely manner.  


What is the best thing about working at WeOwn?  

The feeling that my work is appreciated, makes a difference, and has an impact not only inside the company, but potentially on the future of the finance industry. 

“At WeOwn, everyone has a chance to take part in shaping our products and services, to work on what we think is important and to manage our time in a very flexible manner”. 


How does the development team stay ahead of the game in a fast moving, competitive industry?  

We hire insatiable life-long learners, who never stop exploring the technology landscape and finding the new, innovative approaches to solving technical and business challenges.  We also benefit from focusing on a specific area of the finance industry, bringing expertise and experience from traditional finance backgrounds to the new world of digital asset management. 


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