A day in the life of WeOwn’s Senior Software Engineer, Ajdin Kahrovic

Meet another WeOwn technical wizard

We’ve been on a major development drive this year, thanks to a huge amount of work by our backend team. Here, we meet one of WeOwn’s technical wizards from our Sarajevo office – Senior Software Engineer, Ajdin Kahrovic – who’s essential to the technical planning, design and development of our investment products 


How do you like to start your day?  

I wake up around 7:00am, have a coffee and eat breakfast with my wife. It’s only a short walk to the office from home, so I use that time to recap what I did the previous day and plan tasks for the day ahead.  


What does a typical day as a Senior Software Engineer look like? 

We start with two short ‘daily scrum’ meetings to discuss progress on the latest projects I’m involved with. I work on both our FAST Platform and the native blockchain that underpins all our investment products and services.  

I’ll work on both these projects throughout the day, sometimes simultaneously. Alongside development, I’ll chat about how to implement certain features with the rest of the team. I really enjoy discussing design and development, as a lot of great ideas come from collaborations.  

We take a short lunch break at noon and make sure we’re fueled with the right dose of caffeine for the afternoon, working through until around 5:00-6:00pm. Although sometimes if tasks are interesting or challenging, I might stay later to work on them.  


What’s the best – and most challenging – aspects of your role?  

The biggest challenge is also the greatest beauty: the dynamic environment in which I work. As WeOwn is a start-up company, our priorities often change, which can seem daunting, but it opens enormous opportunities for learning and personal development.

I also enjoy the sense of self-achievement when I complete challenging tasks, knowing that I’ve made a good contribution to the project and my team. My proudest moments have been developing blockchain explorer and migration tools almost independently, but I’m also very proud of how productive and well-matched we are as a team.  


What makes WeOwn different to other companies that you’ve worked for?  

This is the first time that I’ve worked for a start-up, and the environment enables me to develop fast and to work with cutting-edge technologies. It’s so different to established businesses, where decision-making and requirement specification is much slower.  

My favourite thing about WeOwn is that everybody’s opinion and hard work is appreciated. We are all invited to propose ideas and make suggestions about how to improve our products, and the team is very good at responding positively to feedback.  


Away from work, what do you do for fun?  

I spend time with family and friends, and I also like to travel with my wife – we’ve visited 35 countries so far and counting! I also try to allocate time every week to learn something new, so I can explore new technologies and software concepts.   


What advice would you give to someone joining the WeOwn team?  

Be positive, open minded and creative! Everyone at WeOwn has a passion for innovation. If you’re like us, there are enormous opportunities for learning and developing valuable skills.  


Join Ajdin in our growing technical team: we’re looking for experienced frontend and backend developers! Visit our careers page to find out more.