DustAid partners with WeOwn to enable charitable donations

Support good causes through our digital Digital Marketplace

WeOwn is delighted to announce to have partnered with DustAid to enable donations on our platform. For the first time, users of WeOwn’s end-to-end platform for the tokenisation of equity will be able to donate fiat to DustAid in a variety of ways, thus enjoying full transparency while making a real difference to charitable projects.

DustAid supporters are given an option to round up transactions or to reinvest accrued dividends. In addition, equity issuers on the WeOwn platform will be able to donate a certain percentage of their capital raise, with all donations being tracked in the tax module. The beneficiary of all initial donations being the Little Edi Foundation’s Shoebox appeal that aims to positively impact the lives of orphans in Romania.

The integration with WeOwn brings in a new era of transparency in the charitable sector and reaffirms the commitment by WeOwn to deliver beyond the requirement for corporate and social responsibility. The decision to support DustAid reflects the shared values of both WeOwn and DustAid to use Blockchain technology as a positive force for change.

DustAid, a non-profit organisation are pioneers in charitable donation transparency and are working toward utilising revolutionary blockchain technology with the sole aim of helping small charities and their beneficiaries.

DustAid do not take fees and ensure that 100% of all fiat and cryptocurrency donations collected are passed onto the charities, with full visibility on the platform which are immediately allocated to order the project milestones. DustAid also aims to collect all the unused cryptocurrency dust from wallets and exchanges and turn it into further donations.

DustAid will continue to seek high calibre partnerships, such as WeOwn, with whom together they can positively impact the lives of those less fortunate.