What is the right age to start investing?

Living for the moment vs building an early nest egg

The younger you are, the more natural it is to live for the moment. But how early should you start putting money away for your future? And how should you invest that money to ensure you’ll see decent returns 

One of the main reasons that young professionals put off investing is fear of getting it wrong; what if you lose money rather than make it? That’s why we’re here – to talk about why it pays to start early, and how you can access affordable investment opportunities at any age…  

Keeping an eye on the future  

Millennials often get a bad reputation for thinking short-termThey are the face of movements like YOLO and live your best life, which encourage people to make impulse purchases that create memories, but don’t build long-term financial stability.  

However, a surprisingly large number of under-35s are more interested in planning for the future than seizing the day. A recent Revolut survey found that 7 in 10 European Millennials regularly put money aside, saving up to £250 each month.  

It’s not surprising that young professionals are already considering their long-term prospects. If you fall into this age bracket then you’ve grown up in a recession, graduated with high levels of student debt, and you’re unlikely to receive the same level of state-funded support as your parents and grandparents when you retire.  

However, just putting something into a savings account each month won’t do much except separate it from everyday spending money. Interest rates are much lower than they were a few years ago – so investment is often the better option to make a small nest egg grow quicker.  

The floodgates have opened 

Technically, any person aged 18 or over can start exploring investment opportunities, but Millennials often struggle to find sufficient funds at the start of their careers. If you’re in a junior role, you’ve hardly got the disposable income to play the stock market.  

This doesn’t mean that investment is unaffordable to young people, however; you just need to find the right route for making money.  

For many new investors, crowdfunding has been the obvious option. A Goldman Sachs study found that 47% of Millennials have either backed a crowdfunding campaign, or they would consider supporting one.  

We’ve talked in a previous blog post about how crowdfunding opened the investment floodgates. It has been great for democratising the market, but the crowdfunding model itself has left many young professionals disappointed, and with their fingers burnt, they are reluctant to explore other investment opportunities.  

However, as a pioneer of emerging digital investment technologies, WeOwn is keen to boost the spirits of Millennial investors. We can show you a fundraising model that offers the same accessibility as crowdfunding, but with greater potential return on investment.  

Investment for the digital generation 

WeOwn’s investor platform has been designed to help young investors explore the market, connecting with fast-growing young brands that offer money-making opportunities.   

All our offers are digital, which is great for Millennials – for a number of reasons. Firstly, it cuts out all unnecessary people and processes, which makes investing our way much quicker and easier than the stock market. We like to put people in control of their investment activities, so you can register free on our platform, see live offers as soon as your account has been approved, and choose who you want to back.  

Another benefit to digitising the investment processes is cost. Fewer middlemen to pay means we can run a leaner operation for both our business and investor users. Plus, by creating digital assets, companies have the option to offer fractional shares – so you can start investing on any budget.  

But where our digital investment platform really comes into its own is longevity. 84% of Millennials care about the environmental, social and governance impact (ESG) of the companies they invest in, and our software enables you to have a direct dialogue with those businesses.  

Make money for life  

For many young professionals, the question is not when to start investing but how and who with, and our digital investment platform provides the answer to these questions.  

We strive to make the investment market more democratic, so Millennials can get their foot on the investment ladder, connecting with like-minded companies.  

Not only that, but we have created a platform on which to build long-term, trusted relationships – helping businesses and investors grow together, and collaborate to make money for life. It’s an investment model for the digital generation.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up to WeOwn’s investor platform and start exploring our latest offers!  




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