Taking OWNership: December’s key technology updates

It has been a busy few weeks for the Own team, as we have launched a brand-new app to help investors manage their shareholdings. My Own has the potential to revolutionise the way in which companies communicate with their investor base, and provide investors with new levels of transparency and control when it comes to managing their holdings.  

We hope you enjoy discovering more about our latest new piece of technology, and further updates to our existing product portfolio…  

What we’ve been up to – our key developments in summary  

  • New! My Own investor mobile app  
    • Latest launch – greater transparency over shareholding data for investors 
    • View holding and company information and change personal details 
    • Available to download if companies are using our Decentralised Share Register  
  • Voting functions  
    • Interactive feature within My Own app  
    • Companies can create their own voting event 
    • Investors can vote on resolutions and be involved in decision-making process 
  • Investor engagement
    • Direct communication between businesses and shareholders through our products
    • DSR users can now email investors straight from the register 
  • Technology updates 
    • New business profile released 
    • Continuing design improvements and security enhancements  

My Own hits the market  

The big news for December is that Own has launched My Own, a smartphone app for investors. This is an important milestone in our wider ambition to create an ecosystem where market operators, businesses and investors all see a relevant view of their data, and we will continue to bring you updates on our bigger picture progress. 

My Own is an important tool for company/investor communications, as it allows shareholders to manage their shares through their mobile device, by accessing and updating important data such as their personal and holding information. You can learn more about My Own’s features by visiting our product page.  

Additionally, as a honey pot for our community, we have implemented a feature where investors can track the amount and value of their investment on their Ethereum address.  

To get the ball rolling, business owners send a unique registration code to their investor base. Investors can then download My Own through the Apple App or Google Play store and enter that code for free access to their shareholding information for the business that told them to register.  

Before we move on, there is one specific function of our new app that we’d like to talk about in detail, as it really will change the game when it comes to investors being able to influence company decisions…  

Voting resolutions go digital 

Until this point, most investors have only been able to cast their vote on company issues at Annual General Meetings. The actual voting process is often still paper-based and seeing any tangible change from the outcomes of these yearly meetings can be slow going. 

However, My Own has the power to completely transform the way investors interact with companies, as a result of the voting function we have rolled out within our application launch.  

Companies can now add voting events in real-time and publish them via the My Own app, setting the number of response options – for example, YES/NO/ABSTAIN. Investors are alerted that a voting opportunity has gone live via a push notification to their mobile device, and businesses can track response rates as they come in. 

Investor engagement is now direct 

In addition to the work we’ve done around the new mobile app, we have also made an important update to our DSR functionality. We have released a new update that enables companies to communicate directly with their investor audiences through our Decentralised Share Register, by selecting the individuals they want to message and sending an email to them through our register. 

Business-wide updates continue 

Although we have been busy releasing new technologies, this hasn’t stopped iterative development work across our business. 

In the past few weeks we have been making small design adjustments to offer an even better experience for our client base. In addition, we have released a feature that enables business to create a new public profile for presenting themselves to potential investors. 

Security improvements is another ongoing story. This month, we have tested and enhanced all our environments.   

This is the final technology update for 2018; stay with us in 2019 for further enhancements that will enable Own to keep evolving the equities market for market operators, companies and investors.  

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