Put your investment skills to the test with our new mobile game!

Download SillyCoin Valley to your smartphone

Think you’ve got what it takes to build an investment empire? Put your money-making skills to the test by playing our new mobile game, SillyCoin Valley.  

Free to download, you can compete against other players within our community for a chance to win exclusive WeOwn merchandise!  

Become a SillyCoin business mogul  

SillyCoin Valley is a digital city and business hot spot, where new companies are launching all the time. You will get the chance to build your own firm and raise the capital needed to help it grow – hopefully faster than your nearest competitor! 

When you download our mobile game, your first challenge will be to create a new business profile and launch your first fundraising round. The harder you promote your company, the more money you’ll make, and the quicker your organisation will increase in value.  

There will be challenges along the way to help you enhance your SillyCoin stash; from engaging new investors, to adding new products and recruiting talented employees.  

Expand your investment empire  

SillyCoin Valley offers you other ways to test your investment prowess, besides building your own business 

As you settle into our digital city, new buildings will pop up around you. When you’ve raised enough money through your own organisation, you’ll be able to put some of your resources into these other companies, profiting from their success as well.  

You can keep track of your investments and virtual news updates giving you hints when a firm’s about to go up – or down – in value. Get your timings right to raise as much capital as possible!  

Set your eyes on the prize  

New challenges and achievements will be unlocked as you play SillyCoin Valley, and the aim of the game is to maximise the size of your digital wallet. When you’ve completed the whole challenge, your final total will appear on our community leader board. The highest scorers will receive free WeOwn merchandise!  

But nothing is more rewarding than beating your own score – and you can go back to the beginning and start again each time you finish. Or, you can turn your hand to the real deal and sign up to our investor platform 

What are you waiting for? Let's play! 

Download SillyCoin Valley to your Android smartphone.

Download SillyCoin Valley to your iOS smartphone.



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