Meet WeOwn’s new Brand Evangelists

We welcome Raymond Reijnders and Rowan Zwiers to our team.

One of WeOwn’s greatest strengths is our community. We’re very fortunate to have a strong network of followers who share our vision, and who are passionate about bringing WeOwn’s products and services with a wider audience 

To help us cast our net even wider, we recently welcomed on board two Brand Evangelists, Raymond Reijnders and Rowan Zwiers. Active members of our online community, Ray and Rowan will be representing WeOwn in their local area, along with helping to grow our network of regional ambassadors 

We sat down with Ray and Rowan to find out a little more about them…   

Tell us about your background, and how you came to be involved with WeOwn 

Rowan: I started my career in marketing but moved into teaching entrepreneurship around six years ago. Wanting to practice what I preach, I started looking for commercial opportunities to explore alongside my teaching career. That’s when I invested in WeOwn. Everything really evolved from there! 

Ray: I’ve known about WeOwn for a long time, as I participated in an early sale of its CHX digital currency. I also helped to set up the WeOwn community, as I’ve been managing digital communities since I was a teenager, so getting involved as a Brand Evangelist seemed like a logical next step. 

What makes WeOwn special?   

Rowan: It’s an equity market that appeals to my generation – Millennials – and enables investor involvement in ways I’ve never seen before. The company itself also has great personalities; I’ve been very inspired by Sascha’s speeches and YouTube AMAs

Ray: The WeOwn team listens to community members and responds to their feedback. Most companies in FinTech are very strict and process driven; you have to go through many layers of communication to achieve anything. At WeOwn, ideas are encouraged and if you want to implement a new initiative you can do so in a matter of days.   

What is the role of a Brand Evangelist?  

Ray: TraditionallyBrand Evangelists have been focussed on promoting products. But our role is about bridging the gap between the company and the community, helping them to connect – particularly through social media.  

Rowan: I think we also have an important role as enablers. There are a lot of people in the WeOwn community who have great skills. Our role as Brand Evangelists is to utilise those skills and lead their efforts in the right direction.  

Speaking of leading people, you are responsible for co-ordinating our new global ambassador programme…  

Rowan: It’s exciting to see the level of interest we are already receiving. The WeOwn community involves many fantastically talented people that want to contribute to the company’s success, given the opportunity. We get to manage their participation and channel their ambitions.  

How do you feel about being an official member of the WeOwn team?  

Ray: I’m looking forward to it! I haven’t found a single company in this space that has such a strong sense of identity as WeOwn, and aim to be part of the company’s growth for a long time to come.  

Rowan: It’s very exciting to be part of WeOwn’s development and do my small part to help shape the future of the equity market. Although I love teaching, I am very eager to jump back into the commercial field and I am excited to do this as a Brand Evangelist.  

And finally, what else should we know about you? 

Rowan: live in the Netherlands with my wife, 1-year-old daughter, two black cats and some fish. In my free time (if I have any!) I love to go out skateboarding; it clears the mind and keeps me feeling young. 

Ray: I also live in the Netherlands with my girlfriend, where I am studying International Event Management. I love cooking, adventure sports, playing airsoft and reading about unique communities.  

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If you have a question for Ray & Rowan or you’re interested in joining our ambassador programme, email 

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