Play your part in the AI recruitment tech revolution.

Self-employment is on the rise, with over 1 billion people worldwide now choosing to go solo. Added to that, more and more emplyers are looking at temporary staffing solutions.

PROJECT CROWD is tapping into this expanding market, using blockchain technology to bring together under-resourced businesses and talented freelancers.

The opportunity

PROJECT CROWD connects companies and the steadily growing freelancer community in an efficient and new way.

Finding the best professionals for a project is difficult, time consuming and expensive — for both parties. With PROJECT CROWD, businesses benefit from immediate access to people with the skillset they require; while freelancers don’t need to spend ages searching for their next job.

The PROJECT CROWD platform uses blockchain technology to make the matching process efficient, trusted and easy – with no need for intermediaries. And its decentralised set-up means every member stays in complete control of their personal data.

PROJECT CROWD is the brainchild of AI entrepreneurs, Kathrin and Dennis Hauck, who developed the idea after becoming frustrated with the freelance recruitment process.

Meet PROJECT CROWD founder, Kathrin Hauck

PROJECT CROWD will soon be raising funds through Own’s digital investment platform. We’ll keep you posted about their first offer.

In the meantime, you can visit the PROJECT CROWD website to find out more about them. You can also follow PROJECT CROWD on TwitterLinkedIn, and Telegram.


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