Gamescom 2019: a review from our Brand Evangelists

We took Sillycoin Valley on tour and it was awesome!

We’re all about pushing the envelope here at WeOwn, and SillyCoin Valley is definitely taking our brand to new places. As well as bringing a new, fun perspective to the world of digitised investment, launching our first ever mobile gaming app gave our Brand Evangelists, Rowan and Ray, the chance to represent WeOwn at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne.

To find out what happened, we asked Rowan to give us his behind-the-scenes review of the event…

A massive new market

What started as a community initiative at the beginning of this year quickly grew much bigger, and before we knew it, SillyCoin Valley was ready to launch. It’s a playful introduction into digital investing, with the potential to lead to new concepts around gamifying investments.

It was Ray who first suggested launching SillyCoin Valley at Gamescom – the biggest game expo in the world, with nearly 400,000 visitors. We're both experienced in the gaming community and know just how big the industry is; it has generated more annual revenue than Hollywood for the past eight years, and global gaming revenue is expected to surpass $152.1 billion this year. That’s the entire GDP of Hungary!

The gaming industry is also very progressive. It’s one of the leading sectors for cryptocurrency adoption and attracts a diverse range of funding options, as many companies struggle to get access to mainstream financing. This makes the gaming crowd very open-minded to alternative investment models – the perfect test audience for SillyCoin Valley and early adopters for WeOwn technology!

A non-stop whirlwind of gaming energy

The plan was simple: we would drive the 3.5 hours from our homes to Gamescom, and run a stand promoting Sillycoin Valley to visitors, while chatting with as many of the 1,000+ businesses attending the show as we possibly could.

Gamescom was not our first expo, but it was by far the craziest, working 12 hours a day for five days straight. It was loud, hectic and fun! Our stand was in full view of the entrance stairwell, surrounded by giants from the world of hardware, software and eSports. Sillycoin Valley offered something different to the other exhibiting companies, and we were curious as to how it would be received.

In short, people loved it!

Despite there being so much to see at the event, people lingered at our demo tablets, interacting with the game for 15 minutes at a time easily, and many visitors came back to ask us questions the following day as they’d been playing SillyCoin Valley at home. We also gave away lots of WeOwn merchandise – including 5,000 SillyCoin Valley posters.

It was a fantastic experience and it gave us an opportunity to not only get direct feedback on the game, but to talk to developers and publishers in the industry. We learned a lot about each other too, after spending a whole week together!

The springboard for success

SillyCoin Valley has only been out a couple of weeks, but thanks to the momentum we achieved at Gamescom, it has already been downloaded 1,000+ times. This is a great result for a niche industry app.

We’re looking forward to seeing how WeOwn’s gamified innovations develop over the coming months, and whether SillyCoin Valley players sign up to our investor platform or business platform off the back of exploring our virtual fundraising world.

And who knows; we might return to Gamescom in 2020 with SillyCoin 2.0…

SillyCoin Valley is a free-to-play virtual investment game, which you can download from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

To start investing for real, sign up to WeOwn’s investor platform.

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